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QLinearGradient Class Reference

The QLinearGradient class is used in combination with QBrush to specify a linear gradient brush. More...

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Public Types

enum  CoordinateMode { LogicalMode, StretchToDeviceMode, ObjectBoundingMode }
enum  InterpolationMode { ColorInterpolation, ComponentInterpolation }
enum  Spread { PadSpread, ReflectSpread, RepeatSpread }
enum  Type { LinearGradient, RadialGradient, ConicalGradient, NoGradient }

Public Member Functions

CoordinateMode coordinateMode () const
QPointF finalStop () const
InterpolationMode interpolationMode () const
bool operator!= (const QGradient &other) const
bool operator== (const QGradient &gradient)
bool operator== (const QGradient &gradient) const
 QLinearGradient (const QPointF &start, const QPointF &finalStop)
 QLinearGradient ()
 QLinearGradient (qreal xStart, qreal yStart, qreal xFinalStop, qreal yFinalStop)
void setColorAt (qreal pos, const QColor &color)
void setCoordinateMode (CoordinateMode mode)
void setFinalStop (const QPointF &stop)
void setFinalStop (qreal x, qreal y)
void setInterpolationMode (InterpolationMode mode)
void setSpread (Spread spread)
void setStart (const QPointF &start)
void setStart (qreal x, qreal y)
void setStops (const QGradientStops &stops)
Spread spread () const
QPointF start () const
QGradientStops stops () const
Type type () const

Related Functions

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Detailed Description

The QLinearGradient class is used in combination with QBrush to specify a linear gradient brush.

Linear gradients interpolate colors between start and end points. Outside these points the gradient is either padded, reflected or repeated depending on the currently set {QGradient::Spread}{spread} method:

qlineargradient-pad.png qlineargradient-reflect.png qlineargradient-repeat.png {QGradient::PadSpread}{PadSpread} (default) {QGradient::ReflectSpread}{ReflectSpread} {QGradient::RepeatSpread}{RepeatSpread}

The colors in a gradient is defined using stop points of the QGradientStop type, i.e. a position and a color. Use the QGradient::setColorAt() or the QGradient::setStops() function to define the stop points. It is the gradient's complete set of stop points that describes how the gradient area should be filled. If no stop points have been specified, a gradient of black at 0 to white at 1 is used.

In addition to the functions inherited from QGradient, the QLinearGradient class provides the finalStop() function which returns the final stop point of the gradient, and the start() function returning the start point of the gradient.

See also:
QRadialGradient, QConicalGradient, {demos/gradients}{The Gradients Demo}

Definition at line 262 of file qbrush.h.

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