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void QFont::setFamily ( const QString family )

Sets the family name of the font. The name is case insensitive and may include a foundry name.

The family name may optionally also include a foundry name, e.g. "Helvetica [Cronyx]". If the family is available from more than one foundry and the foundry isn't specified, an arbitrary foundry is chosen. If the family isn't available a family will be set using the {QFont}{font matching} algorithm.

See also:
family(), setStyleHint(), QFontInfo

Definition at line 862 of file qfont.cpp.

References detach(), and family().

Referenced by fromString(), QFontFamilyDelegate::paint(), QWindowsVistaStyle::polish(), setRawName(), MainWindow::setupEditor(), QWindowsVistaStyle::unpolish(), and CharacterWidget::updateFont().


    d->request.family = family;
#if defined(Q_WS_X11)
#endif // Q_WS_X11

    resolve_mask |= QFont::FamilyResolved;

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