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bool QFile::seek ( qint64  off ) [virtual, inherited]

Reimplemented from QIODevice.

Definition at line 1460 of file qfile.cpp.

References QAbstractFileEngine::error(), QIODevice::errorString(), QFile::fileEngine(), QIODevice::isOpen(), and QAbstractFileEngine::seek().

Referenced by QGLContext::bindTexture(), createLocalFile(), QFile::open(), QPictureIO::read(), and QFile::resize().

    if (!isOpen()) {
        qWarning("QFile::seek: IODevice is not open");
        return false;

    if (!d->ensureFlushed())
        return false;

    if (!fileEngine()->seek(off) || !QIODevice::seek(off)) {
        QFile::FileError err = fileEngine()->error();
        if(err == QFile::UnspecifiedError)
            err = QFile::PositionError;
        d->setError(err, fileEngine()->errorString());
        return false;
    d->error = NoError;
    return true;

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