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bool QDataStream::atEnd (  ) const

Returns true if the I/O device has reached the end position (end of the stream or file) or if there is no I/O device set; otherwise returns false.

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Definition at line 409 of file qdatastream.cpp.

References QIODevice::atEnd().

Referenced by BookmarksModel::dropMimeData(), QStandardItemModel::dropMimeData(), PiecesModel::dropMimeData(), QAbstractTableModel::dropMimeData(), DragDropModel::dropMimeData(), QAbstractListModel::dropMimeData(), DragDropListModel::dropMimeData(), QPicture::exec(), QList< T >::operator>>(), QLinkedList< T >::operator>>(), QSvgIconEngine::read(), ICOHandler::read(), QPixmapIconEngine::read(), Client::readFortune(), and QFileDialog::restoreState().

    return dev ? dev->atEnd() : true;

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