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QSize QWidget::minimumSize [read, write, inherited]

the widget's minimum size

The widget cannot be resized to a smaller size than the minimum widget size. The widget's size is forced to the minimum size if the current size is smaller.

The minimum size set by this function will override the minimum size defined by QLayout. In order to unset the minimum size, use a value of {QSize(0, 0)}.

By default, this property contains a size with zero width and height.

See also:
minimumWidth, minimumHeight, maximumSize, sizeIncrement

Definition at line 158 of file qwidget.h.

Referenced by QLayout::activate(), QTreeView::indexRowSizeHint(), Q3DockWindow::minimumSize(), Q3WidgetStack::minimumSizeHint(), Q3DockWindow::minimumSizeHint(), QWidget::setFixedHeight(), QWidget::setFixedWidth(), QWidgetItem::setGeometry(), Q3MainWindow::setUpLayout(), QDialog::showExtension(), QMdiSubWindow::showShaded(), QWidgetItem::sizeHint(), QTableView::sizeHintForColumn(), QTreeView::sizeHintForColumn(), QTableView::sizeHintForRow(), and QAccessibleWidget::state().

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