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QWebSettings Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The QWebSettings class provides an object to store the settings used by QWebPage and QWebFrame.

4.4 Each QWebPage object has its own QWebSettings object, which configures the settings for that page. If a setting is not configured, then it is looked up in the global settings object, which can be accessed using QWebSettings::globalSettings().
QWebSettings allows configuring font properties such as font size and font family, the location of a custom stylesheet, and generic attributes like java script, plugins, etc. The {QWebSettings::WebAttribute}{WebAttribute} enum further describes this.

QWebSettings also configures global properties such as the web page memory cache and the web page icon database, local database storage and offline applications storage.

Definition at line 41 of file qwebsettings.h.

Public Types

enum  FontFamily {
  StandardFont, FixedFont, SerifFont, SansSerifFont,
  CursiveFont, FantasyFont
enum  FontSize { MinimumFontSize, MinimumLogicalFontSize, DefaultFontSize, DefaultFixedFontSize }
enum  WebAttribute {
  AutoLoadImages, JavascriptEnabled, JavaEnabled, PluginsEnabled,
  PrivateBrowsingEnabled, JavascriptCanOpenWindows, JavascriptCanAccessClipboard, DeveloperExtrasEnabled,
  LinksIncludedInFocusChain, ZoomTextOnly, PrintElementBackgrounds, OfflineStorageDatabaseEnabled,
  OfflineWebApplicationCacheEnabled, LocalStorageDatabaseEnabled
enum  WebGraphic { MissingImageGraphic, MissingPluginGraphic, DefaultFrameIconGraphic, TextAreaSizeGripCornerGraphic }

Public Member Functions

QString fontFamily (FontFamily which) const
int fontSize (FontSize type) const
QWebSettingsPrivate * handle () const
void resetAttribute (WebAttribute attr)
void resetFontFamily (FontFamily which)
void resetFontSize (FontSize type)
void setAttribute (WebAttribute attr, bool on)
void setFontFamily (FontFamily which, const QString &family)
void setFontSize (FontSize type, int size)
void setUserStyleSheetUrl (const QUrl &location)
bool testAttribute (WebAttribute attr) const
QUrl userStyleSheetUrl () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void clearIconDatabase ()
static QWebSettingsglobalSettings ()
static QString iconDatabasePath ()
static QIcon iconForUrl (const QUrl &url)
static int maximumPagesInCache ()
static qint64 offlineStorageDefaultQuota ()
static QString offlineStoragePath ()
static void setIconDatabasePath (const QString &location)
static void setMaximumPagesInCache (int pages)
static void setObjectCacheCapacities (int cacheMinDeadCapacity, int cacheMaxDead, int totalCapacity)
static void setOfflineStorageDefaultQuota (qint64 maximumSize)
static void setOfflineStoragePath (const QString &path)
static void setWebGraphic (WebGraphic type, const QPixmap &graphic)
static QPixmap webGraphic (WebGraphic type)

Private Member Functions

 QWebSettings (WebCore::Settings *settings)
 QWebSettings ()
 ~QWebSettings ()

Private Attributes

QWebSettingsPrivate * d


class QWebPagePrivate
class QWebSettingsPrivate

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