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QPixmap QIcon::pixmap ( const QSize size,
Mode  mode = Normal,
State  state = Off 
) const

Returns a pixmap with the requested size, mode, and state, generating one if necessary. The pixmap might be smaller than requested, but never larger.

See also:
actualSize(), paint()

Definition at line 704 of file qicon.cpp.

Referenced by QMessageBox::about(), QCommonStyle::drawComplexControl(), QCleanlooksStyle::drawComplexControl(), QWindowsXPStyle::drawComplexControl(), QGtkStyle::drawControl(), QWindowsXPStyle::drawControl(), QCommonStyle::drawControl(), QCommandLinkButton::paintEvent(), Q3ComboBox::paintEvent(), and IconPreviewArea::updatePixmapLabels().

    if (!d)
        return QPixmap();
    return d->engine->pixmap(size, mode, state);

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