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const Q3NetworkOperation * Q3UrlOperator::listChildren (  )  [virtual]

Starts listing the children of this URL (e.g. the files in the directory). The start() signal is emitted before the first entry is listed and finished() is emitted after the last one. The newChildren() signal is emitted for each list of new entries. If an error occurs, the signal finished() is emitted, so be sure to check the state of the network operation pointer.

Because the operation may not be executed immediately, a pointer to the Q3NetworkOperation object created by this function is returned. This object contains all the data about the operation and is used to refer to this operation later (e.g. in the signals that are emitted by the Q3UrlOperator). The return value can also be 0 if the operation object couldn't be created.

The path of this Q3UrlOperator must to point to a directory (because the children of this directory will be listed), not to a file.

Definition at line 435 of file q3urloperator.cpp.

References checkValid(), and startOperation().

    if ( !checkValid() )
      return 0;

    Q3NetworkOperation *res = new Q3NetworkOperation( Q3NetworkProtocol::OpListChildren, QString(), QString(), QString() );
    return startOperation( res );

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