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void QNetworkAccessManager::sslErrors ( QNetworkReply reply,
const QList< QSslError > &  errors 
) [signal]

This signal is emitted if the SSL/TLS session encountered errors during the set up, including certificate verification errors. The errors parameter contains the list of errors and reply is the QNetworkReply that is encountering these errors.

To indicate that the errors are not fatal and that the connection should proceed, the QNetworkReply::ignoreSslErrors() function should be called from the slot connected to this signal. If it is not called, the SSL session will be torn down before any data is exchanged (including the URL).

This signal can be used to display an error message to the user indicating that security may be compromised and display the SSL settings (see sslConfiguration() to obtain it). If the user decides to proceed after analyzing the remote certificate, the slot should call ignoreSslErrors().

See also:
QSslSocket::sslErrors(), QNetworkReply::sslErrors(), QNetworkReply::sslConfiguration(), QNetworkReply::ignoreSslErrors()

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