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void QCoreApplication::sendPostedEvents ( QObject receiver,
int  event_type 
) [static, inherited]

Immediately dispatches all events which have been previously queued with QCoreApplication::postEvent() and which are for the object receiver and have the event type event_type.

Events from the window system are not dispatched by this function, but by processEvents().

If receiver is null, the events of event_type are sent for all objects. If event_type is 0, all the events are sent for receiver.

This method must be called from the same thread as its QObject parameter, receiver.
See also:
flush(), postEvent()

Definition at line 1128 of file qcoreapplication.cpp.

References QCoreApplication::sendPostedEvents().

Referenced by QCoreApplication::exec(), QCoreApplication::processEvents(), and QCoreApplication::sendPostedEvents().

    QThreadData *data = QThreadData::current();

    QCoreApplicationPrivate::sendPostedEvents(receiver, event_type, data);

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