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void QSettings::beginGroup ( const QString prefix  ) 

Appends prefix to the current group.

The current group is automatically prepended to all keys specified to QSettings. In addition, query functions such as childGroups(), childKeys(), and allKeys() are based on the group. By default, no group is set.

Groups are useful to avoid typing in the same setting paths over and over. For example:

doc/src/snippets/code/src_corelib_io_qsettings.cpp 13

This will set the value of three settings:

mainwindow/size mainwindow/fullScreen outputpanel/visible

Call endGroup() to reset the current group to what it was before the corresponding beginGroup() call. Groups can be nested.

See also:
endGroup(), group()

Definition at line 2873 of file qsettings.cpp.

Referenced by QLibraryInfo::location(), QColorDialog::QColorDialog(), MainWindow::readSettings(), MainWindow::writeSettings(), QColorDialog::~QColorDialog(), and QFileDialog::~QFileDialog().


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