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//! [0]
QLineEdit  myEditor(this);
Q3SqlForm   myForm(this);
Q3SqlCursor myCursor("mytable");

// Execute a query to make the cursor valid
// Move the cursor to a valid record (the first record)
// Set the form's record pointer to the cursor's edit buffer (which
// contains the current record's values)

// Insert a field into the form that uses myEditor to edit the
// field 'somefield' in 'mytable'
myForm.insert(&myEditor, "somefield");

// Update myEditor with the value from the mapped database field
// Let the user edit the form
// Update the database
myForm.writeFields();  // Update the cursor's edit buffer from the form
myCursor.update();        // Update the database from the cursor's buffer
//! [0]

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