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SegmentTermEnum Class Reference

#include <SegmentTermEnum.h>

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Detailed Description

SegmentTermEnum is an enumeration of all Terms and TermInfos

Definition at line 23 of file SegmentTermEnum.h.

Public Member Functions

SegmentTermEnumclone () const
void close ()
int32_t docFreq () const
int64_t freqPointer () const
const char * getObjectName ()
void getTermInfo (TermInfo *ti) const
TermInfo * getTermInfo () const
bool next ()
int64_t proxPointer () const
void scanTo (const Term *term)
void seek (const int64_t pointer, const int32_t p, Term *t, TermInfo *ti)
 SegmentTermEnum (CL_NS(store)::IndexInput *i, FieldInfos *fis, const bool isi)
virtual bool skipTo (Term *target)
Term * term (bool pointer)
Term * term ()
 ~SegmentTermEnum ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * getClassName ()

Protected Member Functions

 SegmentTermEnum (const SegmentTermEnum &clone)

Private Member Functions

void growBuffer (const uint32_t length)
Term * readTerm (Term *reuse)

Private Attributes

Term * _term
TCHAR * buffer
uint32_t bufferLength
 The buffer that contains the data read from the Term Infos File.
CL_NS(store) FieldInfosfieldInfos
 The IndexInput that reads from the Term Infos File.
int32_t format
 Length of the buffer.
int32_t formatM1SkipInterval
int32_t indexInterval
 The previous current.
int64_t indexPointer
 The position of the current (term) in the enumeration.
bool isClone
 Indicates if the Segment is a an index.
bool isIndex
 points to the TermInfo matching the current Term in the enumeration
int64_t position
 The size of the enumeration.
Term * prev
int64_t size
 contains the Field Infos for the segment
int32_t skipInterval
TermInfo * termInfo
 points to the current Term in the enumeration


class SegmentTermDocs
class TermInfosReader

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