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QXmlAttributes Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The QXmlAttributes class provides XML attributes.


Use index() to locate the position of an attribute in the list, count() to retrieve the number of attributes, and clear() to remove the attributes. New attributes can be added with append(). Use type() to get an attribute's type and value() to get its value. The attribute's name is available from localName() or qName(), and its namespace URI from uri().

Definition at line 120 of file qxml.h.

Public Member Functions

void append (const QString &qName, const QString &uri, const QString &localPart, const QString &value)
void clear ()
int count () const
int index (const QString &uri, const QString &localPart) const
int index (const QLatin1String &qName) const
int index (const QString &qName) const
int length () const
QString localName (int index) const
QString qName (int index) const
 QXmlAttributes ()
QString type (const QString &uri, const QString &localName) const
QString type (const QString &qName) const
QString type (int index) const
QString uri (int index) const
QString value (const QString &uri, const QString &localName) const
QString value (const QLatin1String &qName) const
QString value (const QString &qName) const
QString value (int index) const
virtual ~QXmlAttributes ()

Private Types

typedef QList< Attribute > AttributeList

Private Attributes

AttributeList attList
QXmlAttributesPrivate * d


struct  Attribute

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