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QX11Info Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The QX11Info class provides information about the X display configuration.

The class provides two APIs: a set of non-static functions that provide information about a specific widget or pixmap, and a set of static functions that provide the default information for the application.

This class is only available on X11. For querying per-screen information in a portable way, use QDesktopWidget.
See also:
QWidget::x11Info(), QPixmap::x11Info(), QDesktopWidget

Definition at line 62 of file qx11info_x11.h.

Public Member Functions

int cells () const
Qt::HANDLE colormap () const
bool defaultColormap () const
bool defaultVisual () const
int depth () const
QX11Infooperator= (const QX11Info &other)
 QX11Info (const QX11Info &other)
 QX11Info ()
int screen () const
void * visual () const
 ~QX11Info ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int appCells (int screen=-1)
static const char * appClass ()
static Qt::HANDLE appColormap (int screen=-1)
static bool appDefaultColormap (int screen=-1)
static bool appDefaultVisual (int screen=-1)
static int appDepth (int screen=-1)
static int appDpiX (int screen=-1)
static int appDpiY (int screen=-1)
static Qt::HANDLE appRootWindow (int screen=-1)
static int appScreen ()
static unsigned long appTime ()
static unsigned long appUserTime ()
static void * appVisual (int screen=-1)
static Display * display ()
static bool isCompositingManagerRunning ()
static void setAppDpiX (int screen, int dpi)
static void setAppDpiY (int screen, int dpi)
static void setAppTime (unsigned long time)
static void setAppUserTime (unsigned long time)

Protected Member Functions

void cloneX11Data (const QPaintDevice *)
void copyX11Data (const QPaintDevice *)
QX11InfoData * getX11Data (bool def=false) const
void setX11Data (const QX11InfoData *)

Protected Attributes

QX11InfoData * x11data


class QGLWidget
class QPixmap
void qt_cleanup ()
void qt_init (QApplicationPrivate *priv, int, Display *display, Qt::HANDLE visual, Qt::HANDLE colormap)
class QWidget
class QWidgetPrivate
class QX11PaintEngine
class QX11PixmapData

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