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void QWidget::hideEvent ( QHideEvent event  )  [protected, virtual, inherited]

This event handler can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive widget hide events. The event is passed in the event parameter.

Hide events are sent to widgets immediately after they have been hidden.

Note: A widget receives spontaneous show and hide events when its mapping status is changed by the window system, e.g. a spontaneous hide event when the user minimizes the window, and a spontaneous show event when the window is restored again. After receiving a spontaneous hide event, a widget is still considered visible in the sense of isVisible().

See also:
visible, event(), QHideEvent

Reimplemented in QX11EmbedContainer, QAbstractSpinBox, QComboBox, QMdiSubWindow, QMenu, QScrollBar, QSizeGrip, QWorkspace, Q3DockWindow, and QtToolBarDialog.

Definition at line 8195 of file qwidget.cpp.

Referenced by QWidget::event(), QAbstractSpinBox::hideEvent(), Q3DockWindow::hideEvent(), and QSizeGrip::hideEvent().


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