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QWidget * QWidget::focusWidget (  )  const [inherited]

Returns the last child of this widget that setFocus had been called on. For top level widgets this is the widget that will get focus in case this window gets activated

This is not the same as QApplication::focusWidget(), which returns the focus widget in the currently active window.

Definition at line 5534 of file qwidget.cpp.

Referenced by QMdiArea::addSubWindow(), Q3WidgetStack::addWidget(), QMotifStyle::event(), QScrollArea::focusNextPrevChild(), QDateTimeEdit::focusNextPrevChild(), Q3ScrollView::focusNextPrevChild(), QDialog::keyPressEvent(), QAccessibleWidget::navigate(), Q3WidgetStack::raiseWidget(), QAccessibleWidget::relationTo(), QApplication::setActiveWindow(), QWidget::setFocus(), QWidget::setParent(), and QDialog::setVisible().

    return const_cast<QWidget *>(d_func()->focus_child);

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