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bool QWidget::isHidden (  )  const [inline, inherited]

Returns true if the widget is hidden, otherwise returns false.

A hidden widget will only become visible when show() is called on it. It will not be automatically shown when the parent is shown.

To check visiblity, use !isVisible() instead (notice the exclamation mark).

isHidden() implies !isVisible(), but a widget can be not visible and not hidden at the same time. This is the case for widgets that are children of widgets that are not visible.

Widgets are hidden if they were created as independent windows or as children of visible widgets, or if hide() or setVisible(false) was called.

Definition at line 956 of file qwidget.h.

References QWidget::testAttribute().

Referenced by QLayout::addChildWidget(), QAbstractScrollArea::addScrollBarWidget(), QWidget::childAt(), QAccessibleWidget::childAt(), QSplitter::childEvent(), Q3Table::columnWidthChanged(), QToolBar::event(), QWidget::event(), QSizeGrip::eventFilter(), QStatusBar::insertPermanentWidget(), QStatusBar::insertWidget(), QWidgetItem::isEmpty(), QTreeWidget::isItemHidden(), QWidget::isVisibleTo(), Q3DockArea::moveDockWindow(), Q3DockArea::operator<<(), QTableView::paintEvent(), Q3WidgetStack::raiseWidget(), Q3Table::rowHeightChanged(), QWidgetAction::setDefaultWidget(), QWidget::setFocus(), QSplitter::sizeHint(), and Q3ScrollView::updateScrollBars().

{ return testAttribute(Qt::WA_WState_Hidden); }

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