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void QWidget::updateGeometry (  )  [inherited]

Notifies the layout system that this widget has changed and may need to change geometry.

Call this function if the sizeHint() or sizePolicy() have changed.

For explicitly hidden widgets, updateGeometry() is a no-op. The layout system will be notified as soon as the widget is shown.

Definition at line 8601 of file qwidget.cpp.

Referenced by QLayout::activate(), Q3ListView::addColumn(), Q3Header::addLabel(), Q3WidgetStack::addWidget(), QWidget::changeEvent(), Q3WidgetStack::event(), QPushButton::event(), QX11EmbedContainer::eventFilter(), Q3ListView::removeColumn(), Q3Header::removeLabel(), Q3WidgetStack::removeWidget(), QTabBar::resizeEvent(), Q3ListView::setColumnText(), QWidget::setContentsMargins(), Q3Header::setLabel(), Q3ComboBox::setLineEdit(), QPushButton::setMenu(), Q3Header::setSortIndicator(), QComboBox::showEvent(), and QX11EmbedContainer::x11Event().


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