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void QSettings::setValue ( const QString key,
const QVariant value 

Sets the value of setting key to value. If the key already exists, the previous value is overwritten.

Note that the Windows registry and INI files use case-insensitive keys, whereas the Carbon Preferences API on Mac OS X uses case-sensitive keys. To avoid portability problems, see the {Key Syntax} rules.


doc/src/snippets/code/src_corelib_io_qsettings.cpp 23

See also:
value(), remove(), contains()

Definition at line 3134 of file qsettings.cpp.

Referenced by beginWriteArray(), endArray(), MainWindow::writeSettings(), QColorDialog::~QColorDialog(), and QFileDialog::~QFileDialog().

    QString k = d->actualKey(key);
    d->set(k, value);

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