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QRectF QRectF::adjusted ( qreal  dx1,
qreal  dy1,
qreal  dx2,
qreal  dy2 
) const [inline]

Returns a new rectangle with dx1, dy1, dx2 and dy2 added respectively to the existing coordinates of this rectangle.

See also:

Definition at line 782 of file qrect.h.

References QRectF().

Referenced by Arrow::boundingRect(), qt_graphicsItem_highlightSelected(), QGraphicsItem::qt_graphicsItem_highlightSelected(), QGraphicsWidget::windowFrameGeometry(), and QGraphicsWidget::windowFrameRect().

{ return QRectF(xp + xp1, yp + yp1, w + xp2 - xp1, h + yp2 - yp1); }

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