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QRect QRectF::toRect (  )  const [inline]

Returns a QRect based on the values of this rectangle. Note that the coordinates in the returned rectangle are rounded to the nearest integer.

See also:
QRectF(), toAlignedRect()

Definition at line 846 of file qrect.h.

Referenced by QRasterPaintEngine::drawTiledPixmap(), QGraphicsWidget::initStyleOption(), QTextEdit::inputMethodQuery(), QPlainTextEdit::inputMethodQuery(), QLabel::paintEvent(), QGraphicsView::paintEvent(), QAccessibleTextEdit::rect(), QGraphicsView::render(), QGraphicsScene::render(), and QPainter::setClipRect().

    return QRect(qRound(xp), qRound(yp), qRound(w), qRound(h));

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