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QLocalSocket * QLocalServer::nextPendingConnection (  )  [virtual]

Returns the next pending connection as a connected QLocalSocket object.

The socket is created as a child of the server, which means that it is automatically deleted when the QLocalServer object is destroyed. It is still a good idea to delete the object explicitly when you are done with it, to avoid wasting memory.

0 is returned if this function is called when there are no pending connections.

See also:
hasPendingConnections(), newConnection(), incomingConnection()

Definition at line 275 of file qlocalserver.cpp.

Referenced by Server::sendFortune().

    if (d->pendingConnections.isEmpty())
        return 0;
    QLocalSocket *nextSocket = d->pendingConnections.dequeue();
#ifndef Q_OS_WIN
                                   <= d->maxPendingConnections);
    return nextSocket;

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