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void QGridLayout::setColumnStretch ( int  column,
int  stretch 

Sets the stretch factor of column column to stretch. The first column is number 0.

The stretch factor is relative to the other columns in this grid. Columns with a higher stretch factor take more of the available space.

The default stretch factor is 0. If the stretch factor is 0 and no other column in this table can grow at all, the column may still grow.

An alternative approach is to add spacing using addItem() with a QSpacerItem.

See also:
columnStretch(), setRowStretch()

Definition at line 1693 of file qgridlayout.cpp.

References invalidate().

Referenced by AddDialog::AddDialog(), Dialog::createGridGroupBox(), MainWindow::createToolBox(), Dialog::Dialog(), QErrorMessage::QErrorMessage(), QFontDialog::QFontDialog(), and WidgetGallery::WidgetGallery().

    d->setColStretch(column, stretch);

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