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MultiTermQuery Class Reference

#include <MultiTermQuery.h>

Inheritance diagram for MultiTermQuery:

Query WildcardQuery

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Detailed Description

A Query that matches documents containing a subset of terms provided by a FilteredTermEnum enumeration.

MultiTermQuery is not designed to be used by itself.
The reason being that it is not intialized with a FilteredTermEnum enumeration. A FilteredTermEnum enumeration needs to be provided.

For example, WildcardQuery and FuzzyQuery extend MultiTermQuery to provide WildcardTermEnum and FuzzyTermEnum, respectively.

Definition at line 37 of file MultiTermQuery.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual Weight_createWeight (Searcher *searcher)
virtual Queryclone () const =0
CL_NS(index) Querycombine (Query **queries)
virtual bool equals (Query *other) const =0
float_t getBoost () const
virtual const TCHAR * getQueryName () const =0
SimilaritygetSimilarity (Searcher *searcher)
virtual size_t hashCode () const =0
bool instanceOf (const TCHAR *other) const
 MultiTermQuery (CL_NS(index)::Term *t)
Queryrewrite (CL_NS(index)::IndexReader *reader)
void setBoost (float_t b)
TCHAR * toString () const
TCHAR * toString (const TCHAR *field) const
Weightweight (Searcher *searcher)

Static Public Member Functions

static QuerymergeBooleanQueries (Query **queries)

Protected Member Functions

virtual FilteredTermEnum * getEnum (CL_NS(index)::IndexReader *reader)=0
 MultiTermQuery (const MultiTermQuery &clone)

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