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void MainWindow::forceFpsMedianCalculation (  )  [private]

Used for adaption in case things are so slow that no median yet has been calculated

Definition at line 239 of file mainwindow.cpp.

References QList< T >::at(), QList< T >::begin(), QList< T >::end(), and QList< T >::size().

    if (this->fpsMedian != -1)

    int size = this->fpsHistory.size();
    if (size == 0){
        this->fpsMedian = 0.01f;

    qSort(this->fpsHistory.begin(), this->fpsHistory.end());
    this->fpsMedian = this->fpsHistory.at(int(size/2));
    if (this->fpsMedian == 0)
        this->fpsMedian = 0.01f;

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