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IndexInput Class Reference

#include <IndexInput.h>

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Detailed Description

Abstract base class for input from a file in a Directory. A random-access input stream. Used for all Lucene index input operations.
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Definition at line 24 of file IndexInput.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual IndexInputclone () const =0
virtual void close ()=0
virtual const char * getDirectoryType () const =0
virtual int64_t getFilePointer () const =0
virtual int64_t length ()=0
virtual uint8_t readByte ()=0
virtual void readBytes (uint8_t *b, const int32_t len)=0
void readChars (TCHAR *buffer, const int32_t start, const int32_t len)
int32_t readInt ()
int64_t readLong ()
TCHAR * readString (const bool unique=true)
int32_t readString (TCHAR *buffer, const int32_t maxlength)
virtual int32_t readVInt ()
int64_t readVLong ()
virtual void seek (const int64_t pos)=0

Protected Member Functions

 IndexInput (const IndexInput &clone)

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