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Analyzer Class Reference

#include <AnalysisHeader.h>

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KeywordAnalyzer PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper SimpleAnalyzer StandardAnalyzer StopAnalyzer WhitespaceAnalyzer

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Detailed Description

An Analyzer builds TokenStreams, which analyze text. It thus represents a policy for extracting index terms from text.

Typical implementations first build a Tokenizer, which breaks the stream of characters from the Reader into raw Tokens. One or more TokenFilters may then be applied to the output of the Tokenizer.

WARNING: You must override one of the methods defined by this class in your subclass or the Analyzer will enter an infinite loop.

Definition at line 161 of file AnalysisHeader.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int32_t getPositionIncrementGap (const TCHAR *fieldName)
virtual TokenStreamtokenStream (const TCHAR *fieldName, CL_NS(util)::Reader *reader)=0

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