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* Copyright (C) 2003-2006 Ben van Klinken and the CLucene Team
* Distributable under the terms of either the Apache License (Version 2.0) or 
* the GNU Lesser General Public License, as specified in the COPYING file.
#ifndef _lucene_index_SegmentMerger_
#define _lucene_index_SegmentMerger_

#if defined(_LUCENE_PRAGMA_ONCE)
# pragma once

#include "CLucene/store/Directory.h"
#include "CLucene/store/RAMDirectory.h"
#include "CLucene/util/VoidList.h"
#include "SegmentMergeInfo.h"
#include "SegmentMergeQueue.h"
#include "IndexWriter.h"
#include "FieldInfos.h"
#include "FieldsWriter.h"
#include "TermInfosWriter.h"


* The SegmentMerger class combines two or more Segments, represented by an IndexReader ({@link #add},
* into a single Segment.  After adding the appropriate readers, call the merge method to combine the 
* segments.
* If the compoundFile flag is set, then the segments will be merged into a compound file.
* @see #merge
* @see #add
00037 class SegmentMerger:LUCENE_BASE {
      bool useCompoundFile;
      CL_NS(store)::RAMIndexOutput* skipBuffer;
      int32_t lastSkipDoc;
      int64_t lastSkipFreqPointer;
      int64_t lastSkipProxPointer;
      void resetSkip();
      void bufferSkip(int32_t doc);
      int64_t writeSkip();

      //Directory of the segment
      CL_NS(store)::Directory* directory;     
      //name of the new segment
      const char* segment;
      //Set of IndexReaders
      CL_NS(util)::CLVector<IndexReader*,CL_NS(util)::Deletor::Object<IndexReader> > readers;
      //Field Infos for t     he FieldInfo instances of all fields
      FieldInfos* fieldInfos;

      //The queue that holds SegmentMergeInfo instances
      SegmentMergeQueue* queue;
      //IndexOutput to the new Frequency File
      CL_NS(store)::IndexOutput* freqOutput;
      //IndexOutput to the new Prox File
      CL_NS(store)::IndexOutput* proxOutput;
      //Writes Terminfos that have been merged
      TermInfosWriter* termInfosWriter;
      TermInfo termInfo; //(new) minimize consing

    int32_t termIndexInterval;
      int32_t skipInterval;

      * @param dir The Directory to merge the other segments into
      * @param name The name of the new segment
      * @param compoundFile true if the new segment should use a compoundFile
      SegmentMerger( IndexWriter* writer, const char* name );

      * Add an IndexReader to the collection of readers that are to be merged
      * @param reader
      void add(IndexReader* reader);
      * @param i The index of the reader to return
      * @return The ith reader to be merged
      IndexReader* segmentReader(const int32_t i);
      * Merges the readers specified by the {@link #add} method into the directory passed to the constructor
      * @return The number of documents that were merged
      * @throws IOException
      int32_t merge();
      * close all IndexReaders that have been added.
      * Should not be called before merge().
      * @throws IOException
      void closeReaders();
      void addIndexed(IndexReader* reader, FieldInfos* fieldInfos, CL_NS(util)::StringArrayWithDeletor& names, 
            bool storeTermVectors, bool storePositionWithTermVector,
            bool storeOffsetWithTermVector);

      * Merge the fields of all segments 
      * @return The number of documents in all of the readers
      * @throws IOException
      int32_t mergeFields();

      * Merge the TermVectors from each of the segments into the new one.
      * @throws IOException
      void mergeVectors();

      /** Merge the terms of all segments */
      void mergeTerms();

      /** Merges all TermInfos into a single segment */
      void mergeTermInfos();

      /** Merge one term found in one or more segments. The array <code>smis</code>
      *  contains segments that are positioned at the same term. <code>N</code>
      *  is the number of cells in the array actually occupied.
      * @param smis array of segments
      * @param n number of cells in the array actually occupied
      void mergeTermInfo( SegmentMergeInfo** smis);
      /** Process postings from multiple segments all positioned on the
      *  same term. Writes out merged entries into freqOutput and
      *  the proxOutput streams.
      * @param smis array of segments
      * @param n number of cells in the array actually occupied
      * @return number of documents across all segments where this term was found
      int32_t appendPostings(SegmentMergeInfo** smis);

      //Merges the norms for all fields 
      void mergeNorms();
      void createCompoundFile(const char* filename, CL_NS(util)::AStringArrayWithDeletor& files);
      friend class IndexWriter; //allow IndexWriter to use createCompoundFile

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