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* Copyright (C) 2003-2006 Ben van Klinken and the CLucene Team
* Distributable under the terms of either the Apache License (Version 2.0) or 
* the GNU Lesser General Public License, as specified in the COPYING file.
* Changes are Copyright(C) 2007 by Trolltech ASA, all rights reserved.
#ifndef _lucene_index_SegmentInfos_
#define _lucene_index_SegmentInfos_

#if defined(_LUCENE_PRAGMA_ONCE)
# pragma once

#if defined(_BUILD_FOR_QT_) && defined(_CLCOMPILER_MSVC) && _MSC_VER > 1200
#   include <QtCore/QVector>


#include "CLucene/util/VoidList.h"
#include "CLucene/store/Directory.h"


class SegmentInfo : LUCENE_BASE
    SegmentInfo(const char* Name, const int32_t DocCount, CL_NS(store)::Directory* Dir);

    ///Gets the Directory where the segment resides
    CL_NS(store)::Directory* getDir() const { return dir; }

    //Unique name in directory dir
    char name[CL_MAX_NAME];
    //Number of docs in the segment
    const int32_t docCount;

    //Directory where the segment resides
    CL_NS(store)::Directory* dir;         

#if defined(_BUILD_FOR_QT_) && defined(_CLCOMPILER_MSVC) && _MSC_VER > 1200
    typedef QVector<SegmentInfo* > segmentInfosType;
      typedef CL_NS(util)::CLVector<SegmentInfo*,CL_NS(util)::Deletor::Object<SegmentInfo> > segmentInfosType;

//SegmentInfos manages a list of SegmentInfo instances
//Each SegmentInfo contains information about a segment in a directory.
//The active segments in the index are stored in the segment info file. 
//An index only has a single file in this format, and it is named "segments". 
//This lists each segment by name, and also contains the size of each segment.
//The format of the file segments is defined as follows:
//                                        SegCount
//Segments --> SegCount, <SegName, SegSize>
//SegCount, SegSize --> UInt32
//SegName --> String
//SegName is the name of the segment, and is used as the file name prefix 
//for all of the files that compose the segment's index.
//SegSize is the number of documents contained in the segment index. 
//At http://jakarta.apache.org/lucene/docs/fileformats.html the definition
//of all file formats can be found. Note that java lucene currently 
//defines Segments as follows:
//Segments --> Format, Version, SegCount, <SegName, SegSize>SegCount
//Format, SegCount, SegSize --> UInt32        
//Format and Version have not been implemented yet
class SegmentInfos : LUCENE_BASE
    SegmentInfos(bool deleteMembers = true);

    //delete and clears objects 'from' from to 'to'
    void clearto(size_t to);

    //count of segment infos
    int32_t size() const;

    //add a segment info
    void add(SegmentInfo* info);

    //Returns a reference to the i-th SegmentInfo in the list.
    SegmentInfo* info(int32_t i) const;

    // version number when this SegmentInfos was generated.
    int64_t getVersion() const { return version; }

    static int64_t readCurrentVersion(CL_NS(store)::Directory* directory);

    //Reads segments file that resides in directory
    void read(CL_NS(store)::Directory* directory);

    //Writes a new segments file based upon the SegmentInfo instances it manages
    void write(CL_NS(store)::Directory* directory);

    // The file format version, a negative number.
    // Works since counter, the old 1st entry, is always >= 0

    // counts how often the index has been changed by adding or deleting docs.
    // starting with the current time in milliseconds forces to create unique version numbers.
    int64_t version;

    segmentInfosType infos;

    // used to name new segments
    int32_t counter;

    // allow IndexWriter to use counter
    friend class IndexWriter; 

#if defined(_BUILD_FOR_QT_) && defined(_CLCOMPILER_MSVC) && _MSC_VER > 1200
    bool deleteMembers;



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