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* Copyright (C) 2003-2006 Ben van Klinken and the CLucene Team
* Distributable under the terms of either the Apache License (Version 2.0) or 
* the GNU Lesser General Public License, as specified in the COPYING file.
#ifndef _lucene_search_multisearcher
#define _lucene_search_multisearcher

#if defined(_LUCENE_PRAGMA_ONCE)
# pragma once

#include "SearchHeader.h"
#include "CLucene/document/Document.h"
#include "CLucene/index/Term.h"

    class MultiHitCollector: public HitCollector{
      HitCollector* results;
      int32_t start;
      MultiHitCollector(HitCollector* _results, int32_t _start);
      void collect(const int32_t doc, const float_t score) ;
 /** Implements search over a set of <code>Searchables</code>.
      * <p>Applications usually need only call the inherited {@link #search(Query)}
      * or {@link #search(Query,Filter)} methods.
00035       class MultiSearcher: public Searcher {
    Searchable** searchables;
            int32_t searchablesLen;
    int32_t* starts;
    int32_t _maxDoc;
            int32_t* getStarts() {
                  return starts;

      /** Creates a searcher which searches <i>Searchables</i>. */
      MultiSearcher(Searchable** searchables);

      /** Frees resources associated with this <code>Searcher</code>. */
      void close() ;

        int32_t docFreq(const CL_NS(index)::Term* term) const ;

      /** For use by {@link HitCollector} implementations. */
        bool doc(int32_t n, CL_NS(document)::Document* document);

      /** For use by {@link HitCollector} implementations to identify the
       * index of the sub-searcher that a particular hit came from. */
      int32_t searcherIndex(int32_t n) const;

        int32_t subSearcher(int32_t n) const;

        int32_t subDoc(int32_t n) const;

      int32_t maxDoc() const;
      TopDocs* _search(Query* query, Filter* filter, const int32_t nDocs) ;
      TopFieldDocs* _search (Query* query, Filter* filter, const int32_t n, const Sort* sort);
      /** Lower-level search API.
       * <p>{@link HitCollector#collect(int32_t,float_t)} is called for every non-zero
       * scoring document.
       * <p>Applications should only use this if they need <i>all</i> of the
       * matching documents.  The high-level search API ({@link
       * Searcher#search(Query)}) is usually more efficient, as it skips
       * non-high-scoring hits.
       * @param query to match documents
       * @param filter if non-null, a bitset used to eliminate some documents
       * @param results to receive hits
        void _search(Query* query, Filter* filter, HitCollector* results);

            Query* rewrite(Query* original);
            void explain(Query* query, int32_t doc, Explanation* ret);


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