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* Copyright (C) 2003-2006 Ben van Klinken and the CLucene Team
* Distributable under the terms of either the Apache License (Version 2.0) or 
* the GNU Lesser General Public License, as specified in the COPYING file.
#include "CLucene/StdHeader.h"
#include "FieldsWriter.h"

#include "CLucene/util/VoidMap.h"
#include "CLucene/util/Reader.h"
#include "CLucene/util/Misc.h"
#include "CLucene/store/Directory.h"
#include "CLucene/store/IndexOutput.h"
#include "CLucene/document/Document.h"
#include "CLucene/document/Field.h"
#include "FieldInfos.h"

FieldsWriter::FieldsWriter(Directory* d, const char* segment, FieldInfos* fn):
//Func - Constructor
//Pre  - d contains a valid reference to a directory
//       segment != NULL and contains the name of the segment
//Post - fn contains a valid reference toa a FieldInfos

      CND_PRECONDITION(segment != NULL,"segment is NULL");

      const char* buf = Misc::segmentname(segment,".fdt");
    fieldsStream = d->createOutput ( buf );
    _CLDELETE_CaARRAY( buf );
      buf = Misc::segmentname(segment,".fdx");
    indexStream = d->createOutput( buf );
    _CLDELETE_CaARRAY( buf );
      CND_CONDITION(indexStream != NULL,"indexStream is NULL");

//Func - Destructor
//Pre  - true
//Post - Instance has been destroyed


void FieldsWriter::close() {
//Func - Closes all streams and frees all resources
//Pre  - true
//Post - All streams have been closed all resources have been freed

      //Check if fieldsStream is valid
      if (fieldsStream){
            //Close fieldsStream
            _CLDELETE( fieldsStream );

      //Check if indexStream is valid
      if (indexStream){
            //Close indexStream
            _CLDELETE( indexStream );

void FieldsWriter::addDocument(Document* doc) {
//Func - Adds a document
//Pre  - doc contains a valid reference to a Document
//       indexStream != NULL
//       fieldsStream != NULL
//Post - The document doc has been added

      CND_PRECONDITION(indexStream != NULL,"indexStream is NULL");
      CND_PRECONDITION(fieldsStream != NULL,"fieldsStream is NULL");


      int32_t storedCount = 0;
      DocumentFieldEnumeration* fields = doc->fields();
      while (fields->hasMoreElements()) {
            Field* field = fields->nextElement();
            if (field->isStored())

      fields = doc->fields();
      while (fields->hasMoreElements()) {
            Field* field = fields->nextElement();
            if (field->isStored()) {

                  uint8_t bits = 0;
                  if (field->isTokenized())
                        bits |= FieldsWriter::FIELD_IS_TOKENIZED;
            if (field->isBinary())
                bits |= FieldsWriter::FIELD_IS_BINARY;
            if (field->isCompressed())
                bits |= FieldsWriter::FIELD_IS_COMPRESSED;


                  if ( field->isCompressed() ){
                        _CLTHROWA(CL_ERR_Runtime, "CLucene does not directly support compressed fields. Write a compressed byte array instead");

                        //FEATURE: this problem in Java Lucene too, if using Reader, data is not stored.
                        //todo: this is a logic bug...
                        //if the field is stored, and indexed, and is using a reader the field wont get indexed
                        //if we could write zero prefixed vints (therefore static length), then we could
                        //write a reader directly to the field indexoutput and then go back and write the data
                        //length. however this is not supported in lucene yet...
                        //if this is ever implemented, then it would make sense to also be able to combine the
                        //FieldsWriter and DocumentWriter::invertDocument process, and use a streamfilter to
                        //write the field data while the documentwrite analyses the document! how cool would
                        //that be! it would cut out all these buffers!!!
                        // compression is disabled for the current field
                        if (field->isBinary()) {
                              //todo: since we currently don't support static length vints, we have to
                              //read the entire stream into memory first.... ugly!
                              jstreams::StreamBase<char>* stream = field->streamValue();
                              const char* sd;
                              //how do wemake sure we read the entire index in now???
                              //todo: we need to have a max amount, and guarantee its all in or throw an error...
                              int32_t rl = stream->read(sd,10000000,0);

                              if ( rl < 0 ){
                                    fieldsStream->writeVInt(0); //todo: could we detect this earlier and not actually write the field??
                                    //todo: if this int could be written with a constant length, then
                                    //the stream could be read and written a bit at a time then the length
                                    //is re-written at the end.
                                    fieldsStream->writeBytes((uint8_t*)sd, rl);

                        }else if ( field->stringValue() == NULL ){ //we must be using readerValue
                              CND_PRECONDITION(!field->isIndexed(), "Cannot store reader if it is indexed too")
                              Reader* r = field->readerValue();
                              //read the entire string
                              const TCHAR* rv;
                              int64_t rl = r->read(rv, LUCENE_INT32_MAX_SHOULDBE);
                              if ( rl > LUCENE_INT32_MAX_SHOULDBE )
                                    _CLTHROWA(CL_ERR_Runtime,"Field length too long");
                              else if ( rl < 0 )
                                    rl = 0;

                              fieldsStream->writeString( rv, (int32_t)rl);
                        }else if ( field->stringValue() != NULL ){
                              _CLTHROWA(CL_ERR_Runtime, "No values are set for the field");


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