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* Copyright (C) 2003-2006 Ben van Klinken and the CLucene Team
* Distributable under the terms of either the Apache License (Version 2.0) or 
* the GNU Lesser General Public License, as specified in the COPYING file.
* Changes are Copyright(C) 2007 by Trolltech ASA, all rights reserved.
#ifndef _lucene_store_FSDirectory_
#define _lucene_store_FSDirectory_

#if defined(_LUCENE_PRAGMA_ONCE)
# pragma once

#include "Directory.h"
#include "Lock.h"
#include "CLucene/util/VoidMap.h"
#include "CLucene/util/StringBuffer.h"


   * Straightforward implementation of {@link Directory} as a directory of files.
   * <p>If the system property 'disableLuceneLocks' has the String value of
   * "true", lock creation will be disabled.
   * @see Directory
00030       class FSDirectory:public Directory{
            class FSLock: public LuceneLock{
                  // const char* fname;
                  char lockFile[CL_MAX_PATH];
                  char* lockDir;
                  FSLock ( const char* lockDir, const char* name );
                  bool obtain();
                  void release();
                  bool isLocked();
                  TCHAR* toString();
            friend class FSDirectory::FSLock;

#if defined(LUCENE_FS_MMAP)
            class MMapIndexInput: public IndexInput{
                  uint8_t* data;
                  int64_t pos;
                  HANDLE mmaphandle;
                  HANDLE fhandle;
                  int fhandle;
            bool isClone;
                  int64_t _length;

                  MMapIndexInput(const MMapIndexInput& clone);
            MMapIndexInput(const char* path);
                  IndexInput* clone() const;

                  inline uint8_t readByte();
                  int32_t readVInt();
                  void readBytes(uint8_t* b, const int32_t len);
                  void close();
                  int64_t getFilePointer() const;
                  void seek(const int64_t pos);
                  int64_t length(){ return _length; }
                  static const char* DirectoryType(){ return "MMAP"; }
                  const char* getDirectoryType() const{ return DirectoryType(); }

      class FSIndexInput:public BufferedIndexInput {
                  * We used a shared handle between all the fsindexinput clones.
                  * This reduces number of file handles we need, and it means
                  * we dont have to use file tell (which is slow) before doing
                  * a read.
00085                   class SharedHandle: LUCENE_REFBASE{
                  int32_t fhandle;
                        int64_t _length;
                        int64_t _fpos;
                  char path[CL_MAX_DIR]; //todo: this is only used for cloning, better to get information from the fhandle
                        ~SharedHandle() throw(CLuceneError&);
                  SharedHandle* handle;
                  int64_t _pos;
            FSIndexInput(const FSIndexInput& clone);
                  FSIndexInput(const char* path, int32_t bufferSize=CL_NS(store)::BufferedIndexOutput::BUFFER_SIZE);
            IndexInput* clone() const;
            void close();
                  int64_t length(){ return handle->_length; }
                  const char* getDirectoryType() const{ return FSDirectory::DirectoryType(); }
            // Random-access methods 
            void seekInternal(const int64_t position);
            // IndexInput methods 
            void readInternal(uint8_t* b, const int32_t len);
            friend class FSDirectory::FSIndexInput;

      class FSIndexOutput: public BufferedIndexOutput {
            int32_t fhandle;
            // output methods: 
            void flushBuffer(const uint8_t* b, const int32_t size);
            FSIndexOutput(const char* path);

            // output methods:
            void close();
            // Random-access methods 
            void seek(const int64_t pos);
            int64_t length();
            friend class FSDirectory::FSIndexOutput;

            FSDirectory(const char* path, const bool createDir);
            char directory[CL_MAX_PATH];
            int refCount;
            void create();
            static const char* LOCK_DIR;
            static const char* getLockDir();
            char lockDir[CL_MAX_PATH];
            char* getLockPrefix() const;
            static bool disableLocks;

            void priv_getFN(char* buffer, const char* name) const;
            bool useMMap;

            /// Removes an existing file in the directory. 
            bool doDeleteFile(const char* name);

        ///Destructor - only call this if you are sure the directory
        ///is not being used anymore. Otherwise use the ref-counting
        ///facilities of _CLDECDELETE

            /// Get a list of strings, one for each file in the directory. 
            void fileList(vector<string>* names) const;

            /// Returns true iff a file with the given name exists. 
            bool fileExists(const char* name) const;

      /// Returns the text name of the directory
            const char* getDirName() const; ///<returns reference

         Returns the directory instance for the named location.
         Do not delete this instance, only use close, otherwise other instances
         will lose this instance.

               <p>Directories are cached, so that, for a given canonical path, the same
               FSDirectory instance will always be returned.  This permits
               synchronization on directories.
               @param file the path to the directory.
               @param create if true, create, or erase any existing contents.
               @return the FSDirectory for the named file.
            static FSDirectory* getDirectory(const char* file, const bool create);

            /// Returns the time the named file was last modified.
            int64_t fileModified(const char* name) const;
            /// Returns the time the named file was last modified.
            static int64_t fileModified(const char* dir, const char* name);

            /// Returns the length in bytes of a file in the directory. 
            int64_t fileLength(const char* name) const;

            /// Returns a stream reading an existing file. 
            IndexInput* openInput(const char* name);
            IndexInput* openInput(const char* name, int32_t bufferSize);

            IndexInput* openMMapFile(const char* name, int32_t bufferSize=LUCENE_STREAM_BUFFER_SIZE);

            /// Renames an existing file in the directory. 
            void renameFile(const char* from, const char* to);

            /** Set the modified time of an existing file to now. */
            void touchFile(const char* name);

            /// Creates a new, empty file in the directory with the given name.
            ///   Returns a stream writing this file. 
            IndexOutput* createOutput(const char* name);

            /// Construct a {@link Lock}.
            /// @param name the name of the lock file
            LuceneLock* makeLock(const char* name);

              ///Decrease the ref-count to the directory by one. If
              ///the object is no longer needed, then the object is
              ///removed from the directory pool. 
      void close();

        * If MMap is available, this can disable use of
        * mmap reading.
00229         void setUseMMap(bool value){ useMMap = value; }
        * Gets whether the directory is using MMap for inputstreams.
00233         bool getUseMMap() const{ return useMMap; }

        TCHAR* toString() const;

        static const char* DirectoryType(){ return "FS"; }
        const char* getDirectoryType() const{ return "FS"; }
      * Set whether Lucene's use of lock files is disabled. By default, 
      * lock files are enabled. They should only be disabled if the index
      * is on a read-only medium like a CD-ROM.
00245       static void setDisableLocks(bool doDisableLocks) { disableLocks = doDisableLocks; }
      * Returns whether Lucene's use of lock files is disabled.
      * @return true if locks are disabled, false if locks are enabled.
00251       static bool getDisableLocks() { return disableLocks; }



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