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* Copyright (C) 2003-2006 Ben van Klinken and the CLucene Team
* Distributable under the terms of either the Apache License (Version 2.0) or 
* the GNU Lesser General Public License, as specified in the COPYING file.
* Changes are Copyright(C) 2007 by Trolltech ASA, all rights reserved.
#ifndef _lucene_store_Directory
#define _lucene_store_Directory

#if defined(_LUCENE_PRAGMA_ONCE)
# pragma once

#include "CLucene/store/Lock.h"
#include "CLucene/util/VoidList.h"
#include "CLucene/util/Misc.h"

#include "IndexInput.h"
#include "IndexOutput.h"


   /** A Directory is a flat list of files.  Files may be written once, when they
   * are created.  Once a file is created it may only be opened for read, or
   * deleted.  Random access is permitted both when reading and writing.
   * <p> Direct i/o is not used directly, but rather all i/o is
   * through this API.  This permits things such as: <ul>
   * <li> implementation of RAM-based indices;
   * <li> implementation indices stored in a database, via a database;
   * <li> implementation of an index as a single file;
   * </ul>
00037       class Directory: LUCENE_REFBASE {
            // Removes an existing file in the directory. 
            virtual bool doDeleteFile(const char* name) = 0;
            virtual ~Directory(){ };

            // Returns an null terminated array of strings, one for each file in the directory. 
            char** list() const{
            vector<string> names;
                  size_t size = names.size();
                char** ret = _CL_NEWARRAY(char*,size+1);
                for ( size_t i=0;i<size;i++ )
                  ret[i] = STRDUP_AtoA(names[i].c_str());
                return ret;   
            virtual void fileList(vector<string>* names) const = 0;
            // Returns true iff a file with the given name exists. 
            virtual bool fileExists(const char* name) const = 0;

            // Returns the time the named file was last modified. 
            virtual int64_t fileModified(const char* name) const = 0;

            // Returns the length of a file in the directory. 
            virtual int64_t fileLength(const char* name) const = 0;

            // Returns a stream reading an existing file. 
            virtual IndexInput* openInput(const char* name) = 0;
            virtual IndexInput* openInput(const char* name, int32_t bufferSize){ 
                  return openInput(name); //implementation didnt overload the bufferSize

            /// Set the modified time of an existing file to now. */
            virtual void touchFile(const char* name) = 0;

            // Removes an existing file in the directory. 
            virtual bool deleteFile(const char* name, const bool throwError=true){
                  bool ret = doDeleteFile(name);
                  if ( !ret && throwError ){
                  char buffer[200];
                  _snprintf(buffer,200,"couldn't delete %s",name);
                  _CLTHROWA(CL_ERR_IO, buffer );
                return ret;

            // Renames an existing file in the directory.
            //    If a file already exists with the new name, then it is replaced.
            //    This replacement should be atomic. 
            virtual void renameFile(const char* from, const char* to) = 0;

            // Creates a new, empty file in the directory with the given name.
            //    Returns a stream writing this file. 
            virtual IndexOutput* createOutput(const char* name) = 0;

            // Construct a {@link Lock}.
            // @param name the name of the lock file
            virtual LuceneLock* makeLock(const char* name) = 0;

            // Closes the store. 
            virtual void close() = 0;
            virtual TCHAR* toString() const = 0;

            virtual const char* getDirectoryType() const = 0;

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