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Phonon Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

The KDE Multimedia classes.

In this Namespace you find the classes to access Multimedia functions for audio and video playback. Those classes are not dependent on any specific framework (like they were in pre KDE4 times) but rather use exchangeable backends to do the work.

If you want to write a new backend take a look at Phonon Backend Development.

Matthias Kretz <kretz@kde.org>


class  AbstractAudioOutput
class  AbstractAudioOutputPrivate
class  AbstractMediaStream
 Base class for custom media data streams. More...
class  AbstractMediaStreamPrivate
class  AbstractVideoOutput
 Common base class for all video outputs. More...
class  AbstractVideoOutputPrivate
class  AddonInterface
 Interface for Menu, Chapter, Angle and Title/Track control. More...
class  AudioOutput
 Class for audio output to the soundcard. More...
class  AudioOutputInterface
 Interface for AudioOutput objects. More...
class  AudioOutputPrivate
class  BackendCapabilitiesPrivate
class  BackendInterface
 Main Backend class interface. More...
class  CleanUpGlobalStatic
class  ConnectionTransaction
class  ConstIface
class  Effect
 Effects that can be inserted into a Path. An effect is a special object which can perform transformations on the specified path. Examples may include simple modifiers such as fading or pitch shifting, or more complex mathematical transformations. More...
class  EffectInterface
 Interface for Effect objects. More...
class  EffectParameter
 This class describes one parameter of an effect. More...
class  EffectParameterPrivate
class  EffectPrivate
class  EffectWidget
 Widget to control the parameters of an Effect. More...
class  EffectWidgetPrivate
class  FactoryPrivate
class  FrontendInterfacePrivate
class  GlobalConfig
struct  GlobalData
class  Iface
 Helper class to cast the backend object to the correct version of the interface. More...
class  IODeviceStream
class  IODeviceStreamPrivate
class  ListModelHelper
class  MediaController
 Controls optional features of a media file/device like title, chapter, angle. More...
class  MediaControllerPrivate
class  MediaNode
class  MediaNodeDestructionHandler
class  MediaNodePrivate
class  MediaObject
 Interface for media playback of a given URL. More...
class  MediaObjectInterface
 Backend interface for media sources. More...
class  MediaObjectPrivate
class  MediaSource
class  MediaSourcePrivate
class  ObjectDescription
 Provides a tuple of enduser visible name and description. More...
class  ObjectDescriptionData
 Data class for objects describing devices or features of the backend. More...
class  ObjectDescriptionModel
 The ObjectDescriptionModel class provides a model from a list of ObjectDescription objects. More...
class  ObjectDescriptionModelData
 Data class for models for ObjectDescription objects. More...
class  ObjectDescriptionModelDataPrivate
class  ObjectDescriptionPrivate
class  Path
 Connection object providing convenient effect insertion. More...
class  PathPrivate
class  PlatformPlugin
class  QSettingsGroup
class  SeekSlider
 Widget providing a slider for seeking in MediaObject objects. More...
class  SeekSliderPrivate
class  StreamInterface
 Backend interface to handle media streams (AbstractMediaStream). More...
class  StreamInterfacePrivate
class  VideoPlayer
 Playback class for simple tasks. More...
class  VideoPlayerPrivate
class  VideoWidget
 Widget to display video. More...
class  VideoWidgetInterface
class  VideoWidgetPrivate
class  VolumeFaderEffect
class  VolumeFaderEffectPrivate
class  VolumeFaderInterface
class  VolumeSlider
 Widget providing a slider to control the volume of an AudioOutput. More...
class  VolumeSliderPrivate


namespace  BackendCapabilities
namespace  Factory
 Factory to access the preferred Backend.


typedef ObjectDescription
< AudioOutputDeviceType > 
typedef ObjectDescriptionModel
< AudioOutputDeviceType > 
typedef void(* CleanUpFunction )()
typedef ObjectDescription
< EffectType > 
typedef ObjectDescriptionModel
< EffectType > 
typedef QPair< QObject
*, QObject * > 


enum  Category {
  NoCategory = -1, NotificationCategory = 0, MusicCategory = 1, VideoCategory = 2,
  CommunicationCategory = 3, GameCategory = 4, AccessibilityCategory = 5, LastCategory = AccessibilityCategory
enum  DiscType { NoDisc = -1, Cd = 0, Dvd = 1, Vcd = 2 }
enum  ErrorType { NoError = 0, NormalError = 1, FatalError = 2 }
enum  MetaData {
  ArtistMetaData, AlbumMetaData, TitleMetaData, DateMetaData,
  GenreMetaData, TracknumberMetaData, DescriptionMetaData, MusicBrainzDiscIdMetaData
enum  ObjectDescriptionType { AudioOutputDeviceType, EffectType }
enum  State {
  LoadingState, StoppedState, PlayingState, BufferingState,
  PausedState, ErrorState


QString categoryToString (Category c)
Path createPath (MediaNode *source, MediaNode *sink)
createPath (media, vwidget)
MediaObjectcreatePlayer (Phonon::Category category, const MediaSource &source)
static void filterAdvanced (BackendInterface *backendIface, QList< int > *list)
template<class T>
my_cast (const QObject *o)
template<class T>
my_cast (QObject *o)
NoIface * my_cast< NoIface * > (const QObject *)
NoIface * my_cast< NoIface * > (QObject *)
template<ObjectDescriptionType T>
QDebug operator<< (QDebug s, const ObjectDescription< T > &o)
const char * phononVersion ()
uint qHash (const Phonon::EffectParameter &param)


static const qreal log10over20 = 0.1151292546497022842
static const qreal LOUDNESS_TO_VOLTAGE_EXPONENT = 0.67

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