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void QWidget::addAction ( QAction action  )  [inherited]

Appends the action action to this widget's list of actions.

All QWidgets have a list of {QAction}s, however they can be represented graphically in many different ways. The default use of the QAction list (as returned by actions()) is to create a context QMenu.

A QWidget should only have one of each action.

See also:
removeAction(), insertAction(), actions(), QMenu

Definition at line 2575 of file qwidget.cpp.

References QWidget::insertAction().

Referenced by Q3ActionGroup::addTo(), Q3Action::addTo(), QAbstractFormBuilder::create(), MainWindow::createContextMenu(), QToolButton::setDefaultAction(), QPushButton::setMenu(), QToolButton::setMenu(), and ShapedClock::ShapedClock().

    insertAction(0, action);

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