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void QWidget::keyReleaseEvent ( QKeyEvent event  )  [protected, virtual, inherited]

This event handler, for event event, can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive key release events for the widget.

A widget must accept focus initially and have focus in order to receive a key release event.

If you reimplement this handler, it is very important that you call the base class implementation if you do not act upon the key.

The default implementation ignores the event, so that the widget's parent can interpret it.

Note that QKeyEvent starts with isAccepted() == true, so you do not need to call QKeyEvent::accept() - just do not call the base class implementation if you act upon the key.

See also:
keyPressEvent(), QKeyEvent::ignore(), setFocusPolicy(), focusInEvent(), focusOutEvent(), event(), QKeyEvent

Reimplemented in QWebView, QGraphicsView, QAbstractButton, QAbstractSpinBox, QComboBox, QPlainTextEdit, QTextEdit, and Q3Header.

Definition at line 7553 of file qwidget.cpp.

Referenced by QWidget::event(), Q3ComboBox::eventFilter(), QWebView::keyReleaseEvent(), QTextEdit::keyReleaseEvent(), and QGraphicsView::keyReleaseEvent().


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