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QString QWidget::windowTitle [read, write, inherited]

the window title (caption)

This property only makes sense for top-level widgets, such as windows and dialogs. If no caption has been set, the title is based of the windowFilePath. If neither of these is set, then the title is an empty string.

If you use the windowModified mechanism, the window title must contain a "[*]" placeholder, which indicates where the '*' should appear. Normally, it should appear right after the file name (e.g., "document1.txt[*] - Text Editor"). If the windowModified property is false (the default), the placeholder is simply removed.

See also:
windowIcon, windowIconText, windowModified, windowFilePath

Reimplemented in QDockWidget.

Definition at line 190 of file qwidget.h.

Referenced by QFileDialog::accept(), QtWindowListMenu::addWindow(), QToolBar::changeEvent(), Q3DockWindow::event(), QMdiSubWindow::event(), QtWindowListMenu::eventFilter(), QMdiSubWindow::eventFilter(), QWorkspace::eventFilter(), QMessageBox::keyPressEvent(), QMdiSubWindow::setWidget(), and Q3AccessibleTitleBar::text().

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