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QStyleOptionGroupBox Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for QStyleOptionGroupBox:

QStyleOptionComplex QStyleOption

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Detailed Description

The QStyleOptionGroupBox class describes the parameters for drawing a group box.

QStyleOptionButton contains all the information that QStyle functions need the various graphical elements of a group box.

It holds the lineWidth and the midLineWidth for drawing the panel, the group box's {text}{title} and the title's {textAlignment}{alignment} and {textColor}{color}.

For performance reasons, the access to the member variables is direct (i.e., using the . or -> operator). This low-level feel makes the structures straightforward to use and emphasizes that these are simply parameters used by the style functions.

For an example demonstrating how style options can be used, see the {widgets/styles}{Styles} example.

See also:
QStyleOption, QStyleOptionComplex, QGroupBox

Definition at line 765 of file qstyleoption.h.

Public Types

enum  OptionType {
  SO_Default, SO_FocusRect, SO_Button, SO_Tab,
  SO_MenuItem, SO_Frame, SO_ProgressBar, SO_ToolBox,
  SO_Header, SO_Q3DockWindow, SO_DockWidget, SO_Q3ListViewItem,
  SO_ViewItem, SO_TabWidgetFrame, SO_TabBarBase, SO_RubberBand,
  SO_ToolBar, SO_GraphicsItem, SO_Complex = 0xf0000, SO_Slider,
  SO_SpinBox, SO_ToolButton, SO_ComboBox, SO_Q3ListView,
  SO_TitleBar, SO_GroupBox, SO_SizeGrip, SO_CustomBase = 0xf00,
  SO_ComplexCustomBase = 0xf000000
enum  StyleOptionType { Type = SO_GroupBox }
enum  StyleOptionVersion { Version = 1 }

Public Member Functions

void init (const QWidget *w)
void initFrom (const QWidget *w)
 QStyleOptionGroupBox (const QStyleOptionGroupBox &other)
 QStyleOptionGroupBox ()
 the line width for drawing the panel

Public Attributes

QStyle::SubControls activeSubControls
Qt::LayoutDirection direction
QStyleOptionFrameV2::FrameFeatures features
QFontMetrics fontMetrics
int lineWidth
int midLineWidth
QPalette palette
QRect rect
QStyle::State state
QStyle::SubControls subControls
QString text
Qt::Alignment textAlignment
QColor textColor
int type
int version

Protected Member Functions

 QStyleOptionGroupBox (int version)

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

qstyleoption_cast (QStyleOption *option)
qstyleoption_cast (const QStyleOption *option)
 the alignment of the display value for the item

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