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QStyleOptionGraphicsItem Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The QStyleOptionGraphicsItem class is used to describe the parameters needed to draw a QGraphicsItem.

For performance reasons, the access to the member variables is direct (i.e., using the . or -> operator). This low-level feel makes the structures straightforward to use and emphasizes that these are simply parameters.

For an example demonstrating how style options can be used, see the {widgets/styles}{Styles} example.

See also:
QStyleOption, QGraphicsItem::paint()

Definition at line 798 of file qstyleoption.h.

Public Types

enum  OptionType {
  SO_Default, SO_FocusRect, SO_Button, SO_Tab,
  SO_MenuItem, SO_Frame, SO_ProgressBar, SO_ToolBox,
  SO_Header, SO_Q3DockWindow, SO_DockWidget, SO_Q3ListViewItem,
  SO_ViewItem, SO_TabWidgetFrame, SO_TabBarBase, SO_RubberBand,
  SO_ToolBar, SO_GraphicsItem, SO_Complex = 0xf0000, SO_Slider,
  SO_SpinBox, SO_ToolButton, SO_ComboBox, SO_Q3ListView,
  SO_TitleBar, SO_GroupBox, SO_SizeGrip, SO_CustomBase = 0xf00,
  SO_ComplexCustomBase = 0xf000000
enum  StyleOptionType { Type = SO_GraphicsItem }
enum  StyleOptionVersion { Version = 1 }

Public Member Functions

void init (const QWidget *w)
void initFrom (const QWidget *w)
 QStyleOptionGraphicsItem (const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem &other)
 QStyleOptionGraphicsItem ()

Public Attributes

Qt::LayoutDirection direction
QRectF exposedRect
QFontMetrics fontMetrics
qreal levelOfDetail
QMatrix matrix
QPalette palette
QRect rect
QStyle::State state
int type
int version

Protected Member Functions

 QStyleOptionGraphicsItem (int version)

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

qstyleoption_cast (QStyleOption *option)
qstyleoption_cast (const QStyleOption *option)
 the alignment of the display value for the item

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