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const QObjectList & QObject::children (  )  const [inline, inherited]

Returns a list of child objects. The QObjectList class is defined in the {<QObject>} header file as the following:

src/corelib/kernel/qobject.h /typedef .*QObjectList/ QObjectList

The first child added is the {QList::first()}{first} object in the list and the last child added is the {QList::last()}{last} object in the list, i.e. new children are appended at the end.

Note that the list order changes when QWidget children are {QWidget::raise()}{raised} or {QWidget::lower()}{lowered}. A widget that is raised becomes the last object in the list, and a widget that is lowered becomes the first object in the list.

See also:
findChild(), findChildren(), parent(), setParent()

Definition at line 185 of file qobject.h.

Referenced by Q3ToolBar::clear(), QAbstractFormBuilder::createDom(), QWidget::destroy(), QTreeView::drawBranches(), BookmarksModel::dropMimeData(), QDockWidget::event(), QtVariantPropertyManager::initializeProperty(), QWidget::lower(), QObject::QObject(), QObject::qt_find_obj_child(), QWidget::raise(), Q3WidgetStack::raiseWidget(), QAccessibleDisplay::relationTo(), QWidget::scroll(), Q3GroupBox::setColumnLayout(), Q3ToolBar::setOrientation(), qdesigner_internal::Layout::setup(), Q3WidgetStack::setVisible(), QSplitter::sizeHint(), QWidget::stackUnder(), and QWorkspace::windowList().

{ return d_ptr->children; }

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