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bool QObject::blockSignals ( bool  block  )  [inherited]

If block is true, signals emitted by this object are blocked (i.e., emitting a signal will not invoke anything connected to it). If block is false, no such blocking will occur.

The return value is the previous value of signalsBlocked().

Note that the destroyed() signal will be emitted even if the signals for this object have been blocked.

See also:

Definition at line 1285 of file qobject.cpp.

Referenced by Q3Signal::block(), QWorkspace::cascade(), Q3ListView::clear(), Q3ListBox::clear(), Q3IconView::clear(), QAssistantClient::closeAssistant(), Q3IconView::contentsMouseReleaseEvent(), Q3IconView::doAutoScroll(), MainWindow::findSizes(), Q3TextEdit::inputMethodEvent(), Q3ListView::invertSelection(), Q3IconView::invertSelection(), Q3ListBox::invertSelection(), Q3Table::keyPressEvent(), Q3IconView::keyPressEvent(), Q3ListBox::keyPressEvent(), Q3ComboBox::mousePressEvent(), Q3ListBox::mouseReleaseEvent(), Q3FileDialog::okClicked(), Q3ComboBox::popup(), QItemSelectionModel::reset(), Q3ListView::selectAll(), Q3IconView::selectAll(), Q3ListBox::selectAll(), Q3IconViewItem::setSelected(), Q3IconView::takeItem(), and QWorkspace::tile().

    bool previous = d->blockSig;
    d->blockSig = block;
    return previous;

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