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QHttpResponseHeader Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The QHttpResponseHeader class contains response header information for HTTP.


This class is used by the QHttp class to report the header information that the client received from the server.

HTTP responses have a status code that indicates the status of the response. This code is a 3-digit integer result code (for details see to RFC 1945). In addition to the status code, you can also specify a human-readable text that describes the reason for the code ("reason phrase"). This class allows you to get the status code and the reason phrase.

See also:
QHttpRequestHeader, QHttp, {HTTP Example}

Definition at line 120 of file qhttp.h.

Public Member Functions

void addValue (const QString &key, const QString &value)
QStringList allValues (const QString &key) const
uint contentLength () const
QString contentType () const
bool hasContentLength () const
bool hasContentType () const
bool hasKey (const QString &key) const
bool isValid () const
QStringList keys () const
int majorVersion () const
int minorVersion () const
QHttpResponseHeaderoperator= (const QHttpResponseHeader &header)
 QHttpResponseHeader (int code, const QString &text=QString(), int majorVer=1, int minorVer=1)
 QHttpResponseHeader (const QString &str)
 QHttpResponseHeader (const QHttpResponseHeader &header)
 QHttpResponseHeader ()
QString reasonPhrase () const
void removeAllValues (const QString &key)
void removeValue (const QString &key)
void setContentLength (int len)
void setContentType (const QString &type)
void setStatusLine (int code, const QString &text=QString(), int majorVer=1, int minorVer=1)
void setValue (const QString &key, const QString &value)
void setValues (const QList< QPair< QString, QString > > &values)
int statusCode () const
QString toString () const
QString value (const QString &key) const
QList< QPair< QString, QString > > values () const

Protected Member Functions

bool parse (const QString &str)
bool parseLine (const QString &line, int number)
void setValid (bool)

Protected Attributes

QHttpHeaderPrivate * d_ptr


class QHttpPrivate

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