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void QGridLayout::addLayout ( QLayout layout,
int  row,
int  column,
Qt::Alignment  alignment = 0 

Places the layout at position (row, column) in the grid. The top-left position is (0, 0).

The alignment is specified by alignment. The default alignment is 0, which means that the widget fills the entire cell.

A non-zero alignment indicates that the layout should not grow to fill the available space but should be sized according to sizeHint().

layout becomes a child of the grid layout.

Definition at line 1604 of file qgridlayout.cpp.

References QLayout::addChildLayout().

Referenced by AddDialog::AddDialog(), Window::createGeneralOptionsGroupBox(), MainWindow::createIconSizeGroupBox(), Window::createTextFormatsGroupBox(), FindDialog::FindDialog(), and WidgetGallery::WidgetGallery().

    QGridBox *b = new QGridBox(layout);
    d->add(b, row, column);

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