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void QAbstractItemModel::dataChanged ( const QModelIndex topLeft,
const QModelIndex bottomRight 
) [signal, inherited]

This signal is emitted whenever the data in an existing item changes. The affected items are those between topLeft and bottomRight inclusive (of the same parent).

Note that this signal must be emitted explicitly when reimplementing the setData() function.

See also:
headerDataChanged(), setData(), layoutChanged()

Referenced by QProxyModel::connectToModel(), QProxyModel::disconnectFromModel(), QSqlTableModel::revertRow(), QDirModel::setData(), TableModel::setData(), TreeModel::setData(), QSqlTableModel::setData(), QStringListModel::setData(), StringListModel::setData(), QSortFilterProxyModel::setSourceModel(), and HistoryFilterModel::setSourceModel().

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