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QModelIndex QAbstractItemModel::createIndex ( int  row,
int  column,
void *  ptr = 0 
) const [inline, protected, inherited]

Creates a model index for the given row and column with the internal pointer ptr.

Note that when you are using a QSortFilterProxyModel its indexes have their own internal pointer. It is not advisable to access the internal pointer in the index outside of the model. Use the data() function instead.

This function provides a consistent interface that model subclasses must use to create model indexes.

Definition at line 294 of file qabstractitemmodel.h.

Referenced by QDirModel::index(), QAbstractTableModel::index(), DomModel::index(), QAbstractListModel::index(), TreeModel::index(), HistoryFilterModel::index(), QFileSystemModel::index(), QHelpContentModel::index(), BookmarksModel::index(), QStandardItemModel::index(), QStandardItemModel::indexFromItem(), QSqlQueryModel::indexInQuery(), QSqlTableModel::indexInQuery(), HistoryFilterModel::mapFromSource(), QFileSystemModel::parent(), QDirModel::parent(), QHelpContentModel::parent(), BookmarksModel::parent(), TreeModel::parent(), DomModel::parent(), QSqlQueryModel::record(), QSqlTableModel::revertRow(), and QSqlQueryModel::setQuery().

{ return QModelIndex(arow, acolumn, adata, this); }

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