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* Copyright (C) 2003-2006 Ben van Klinken and the CLucene Team
* Distributable under the terms of either the Apache License (Version 2.0) or 
* the GNU Lesser General Public License, as specified in the COPYING file.
#ifndef _lucene_search_BooleanQuery_
#define _lucene_search_BooleanQuery_

#if defined(_LUCENE_PRAGMA_ONCE)
# pragma once

#include "ConjunctionScorer.h"
#include "CLucene/index/IndexReader.h"
#include "CLucene/util/StringBuffer.h"
#include "SearchHeader.h"
#include "BooleanClause.h"
#include "BooleanScorer.h"
#include "Scorer.h"


    // A Query that matches documents matching boolean combinations of other
    // queries, typically {@link TermQuery}s or {@link PhraseQuery}s.
      class BooleanQuery:public Query {
            typedef CL_NS(util)::CLVector<BooleanClause*,CL_NS(util)::Deletor::Object<BooleanClause> > ClausesType;
            BooleanQuery::ClausesType clauses;
            static size_t maxClauseCount;

            class BooleanWeight: public Weight {
                  Searcher* searcher;
                  CL_NS(util)::CLVector<Weight*,CL_NS(util)::Deletor::Object<Weight> > weights;
                  ClausesType* clauses;
                  BooleanQuery* parentQuery;
                  BooleanWeight(Searcher* searcher, 
                        CL_NS(util)::CLVector<BooleanClause*,CL_NS(util)::Deletor::Object<BooleanClause> >* clauses, 
                        BooleanQuery* parentQuery);
                  Query* getQuery();
                  float_t getValue();
                  float_t sumOfSquaredWeights();
                  void normalize(float_t norm);
                  Scorer* scorer(CL_NS(index)::IndexReader* reader);
                  void explain(CL_NS(index)::IndexReader* reader, int32_t doc, Explanation* ret);

      Weight* _createWeight(Searcher* searcher) {
         return _CLNEW BooleanWeight(searcher,&clauses,this);
      BooleanQuery(const BooleanQuery& clone);
    /** Constructs an empty boolean query. */
        const TCHAR* getQueryName() const;
            static const TCHAR* getClassName();
         /** Return the maximum number of clauses permitted, 1024 by default.
            * Attempts to add more than the permitted number of clauses cause {@link
            * TooManyClauses} to be thrown.*/
         static size_t getMaxClauseCount();

         /** Set the maximum number of clauses permitted. */
         static void setMaxClauseCount(size_t maxClauseCount);

       /** Adds a clause to a boolean query.  Clauses may be:
            * <ul>
            * <li><code>required</code> which means that documents which <i>do not</i>
            * match this sub-query will <i>not</i> match the boolean query;
            * <li><code>prohibited</code> which means that documents which <i>do</i>
            * match this sub-query will <i>not</i> match the boolean query; or
            * <li>neither, in which case matched documents are neither prohibited from
            * nor required to match the sub-query. However, a document must match at
            * least 1 sub-query to match the boolean query.
            * </ul>
            * It is an error to specify a clause as both <code>required</code> and
            * <code>prohibited</code>.
            * @see #getMaxClauseCount()
            void add(Query* query, const bool required, const bool prohibited){
            void add(Query* query, const bool deleteQuery, const bool required, const bool prohibited);
            /** Copies the clauses of this query into the array.
            * The array must be at least as long as getClauseCount()
            * If you want to use the clauses, make sure you null terminate it.
            void getClauses(BooleanClause** clauses) const;
            _CL_DEPRECATED( getClauses(clauses) ) BooleanClause** getClauses() const;
          * Give client code access to clauses.size() so we know how
          * large the array returned by getClauses is. 
          size_t getClauseCount() const;

            /** Adds a clause to a boolean query.
            * @see #getMaxClauseCount()
            void add(BooleanClause* clause);

            Query* rewrite(CL_NS(index)::IndexReader* reader);
            Query* clone() const;
            bool equals(Query* o) const;
            /** Prints a user-readable version of this query. */
            TCHAR* toString(const TCHAR* field) const;
            /** Returns a hash code value for this object.*/
            size_t hashCode() const;


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