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** Copyright (C) 1992-2008 Trolltech ASA. All rights reserved.
** This file is part of the QtGui module of the Qt Toolkit.
** This file may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public
** License versions 2.0 or 3.0 as published by the Free Software
** Foundation and appearing in the files LICENSE.GPL2 and LICENSE.GPL3
** included in the packaging of this file.  Alternatively you may (at
** your option) use any later version of the GNU General Public
** License if such license has been publicly approved by Trolltech ASA
** (or its successors, if any) and the KDE Free Qt Foundation. In
** addition, as a special exception, Trolltech gives you certain
** additional rights. These rights are described in the Trolltech GPL
** Exception version 1.1, which can be found at
** http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/gplexception/ and in the file
** GPL_EXCEPTION.txt in this package.
** Please review the following information to ensure GNU General
** Public Licensing requirements will be met:
** http://trolltech.com/products/qt/licenses/licensing/opensource/. If
** you are unsure which license is appropriate for your use, please
** review the following information:
** http://trolltech.com/products/qt/licenses/licensing/licensingoverview
** or contact the sales department at sales@trolltech.com.
** In addition, as a special exception, Trolltech, as the sole
** copyright holder for Qt Designer, grants users of the Qt/Eclipse
** Integration plug-in the right for the Qt/Eclipse Integration to
** link to functionality provided by Qt Designer and its related
** libraries.
** This file is provided "AS IS" with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND,
** A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Trolltech reserves all rights not expressly
** granted herein.
** This file is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE


//  W A R N I N G
//  -------------
// This file is not part of the Qt API.  It exists purely as an
// implementation detail.  This header file may change from version to
// version without notice, or even be removed.
// We mean it.

#include "qmainwindow.h"


#include "QtGui/qlayout.h"
#include "QtCore/qvector.h"
#include "QtCore/qset.h"
#include "private/qlayoutengine_p.h"

#include "qdockarealayout_p.h"
#include "qtoolbararealayout_p.h"

#ifdef Q_WS_MAC
// Forward defs to make avoid including Carbon.h (faster compile you know ;).
struct OpaqueHIObjectRef;
typedef struct OpaqueHIObjectRef*       HIObjectRef;
typedef HIObjectRef                     HIToolbarItemRef;
typedef const void * CFTypeRef;
typedef const struct __CFString * CFStringRef;


class QToolBar;
class QWidgetAnimator;
class QTabBar;
class QRubberBand;

/* This data structure represents the state of all the tool-bars and dock-widgets. It's value based
   so it can be easilly copied into a temporary variable. All operations are performed without moving
   any widgets. Only when we are sure we have the desired state, we call apply(), which moves the

class QMainWindowLayoutState
    QRect rect;
    QMainWindow *mainWindow;

    QMainWindowLayoutState(QMainWindow *win);

    QToolBarAreaLayout toolBarAreaLayout;

    QDockAreaLayout dockAreaLayout;
    QLayoutItem *centralWidgetItem;
    QRect centralWidgetRect;

    void apply(bool animated);
    void deleteAllLayoutItems();
    void deleteCentralWidgetItem();

    QSize sizeHint() const;
    QSize minimumSize() const;
    void fitLayout();

    QLayoutItem *itemAt(int index, int *x) const;
    QLayoutItem *takeAt(int index, int *x);
    QList<int> indexOf(QWidget *widget) const;
    QLayoutItem *item(QList<int> path);
    QRect itemRect(QList<int> path) const;
    QRect gapRect(QList<int> path) const; // ### get rid of this, use itemRect() instead

    bool contains(QWidget *widget) const;

    void setCentralWidget(QWidget *widget);
    QWidget *centralWidget() const;

    QList<int> gapIndex(QWidget *widget, const QPoint &pos) const;
    bool insertGap(QList<int> path, QLayoutItem *item);
    void remove(QList<int> path);
    void clear();
    bool isValid() const;

    QLayoutItem *plug(QList<int> path);
    QLayoutItem *unplug(QList<int> path);

    void saveState(QDataStream &stream) const;
    bool restoreState(QDataStream &stream, const QMainWindowLayoutState &oldState);

class Q_AUTOTEST_EXPORT QMainWindowLayout : public QLayout

    QMainWindowLayoutState layoutState, savedState;

    explicit QMainWindowLayout(QMainWindow *mainwindow);

    QMainWindow::DockOptions dockOptions;
    void setDockOptions(QMainWindow::DockOptions opts);
    bool usesHIToolBar(QToolBar *toolbar) const;

    // status bar

    QLayoutItem *statusbar;

    QStatusBar *statusBar() const;
    void setStatusBar(QStatusBar *sb);

    // central widget

    QWidget *centralWidget() const;
    void setCentralWidget(QWidget *cw);

    // toolbars

    void addToolBarBreak(Qt::ToolBarArea area);
    void insertToolBarBreak(QToolBar *before);
    void removeToolBarBreak(QToolBar *before);

    void addToolBar(Qt::ToolBarArea area, QToolBar *toolbar, bool needAddChildWidget = true);
    void insertToolBar(QToolBar *before, QToolBar *toolbar);
    Qt::ToolBarArea toolBarArea(QToolBar *toolbar) const;
    bool toolBarBreak(QToolBar *toolBar) const;
    void getStyleOptionInfo(QStyleOptionToolBar *option, QToolBar *toolBar) const;
    void removeToolBar(QToolBar *toolbar);
    void toggleToolBarsVisible();

    // dock widgets

    void setCorner(Qt::Corner corner, Qt::DockWidgetArea area);
    Qt::DockWidgetArea corner(Qt::Corner corner) const;
    void addDockWidget(Qt::DockWidgetArea area,
                       QDockWidget *dockwidget,
                       Qt::Orientation orientation);
    void splitDockWidget(QDockWidget *after,
                         QDockWidget *dockwidget,
                         Qt::Orientation orientation);
    void tabifyDockWidget(QDockWidget *first, QDockWidget *second);
    Qt::DockWidgetArea dockWidgetArea(QDockWidget *dockwidget) const;
    void raise(QDockWidget *widget);
    void setVerticalTabsEnabled(bool enabled);

#ifndef QT_NO_TABBAR
    QTabBar *getTabBar();
    QSet<QTabBar*> usedTabBars;
    QList<QTabBar*> unusedTabBars;

    // separators

    QList<int> movingSeparator;
    QPoint movingSeparatorOrigin, movingSeparatorPos;
    QTimer *separatorMoveTimer;
    QVector<QLayoutStruct> separatorMoveCache;

    bool startSeparatorMove(const QPoint &pos);
    bool separatorMove(const QPoint &pos);
    bool endSeparatorMove(const QPoint &pos);
    void keepSize(QDockWidget *w);

    // save/restore

    enum { // sentinel values used to validate state data
        VersionMarker = 0xff
    void saveState(QDataStream &stream) const;
    bool restoreState(QDataStream &stream);

    // QLayout interface

    void addItem(QLayoutItem *item);
    void setGeometry(const QRect &r);
    QLayoutItem *itemAt(int index) const;
    QLayoutItem *takeAt(int index);
    int count() const;

    QSize sizeHint() const;
    QSize minimumSize() const;
    mutable QSize szHint;
    mutable QSize minSize;
    void invalidate();

    // animations

    QWidgetAnimator *widgetAnimator;
    QList<int> currentGapPos;
    QRect currentGapRect;
    QWidget *pluggingWidget;
    QRubberBand *gapIndicator;

    QList<int> hover(QLayoutItem *widgetItem, const QPoint &mousePos);
    bool plug(QLayoutItem *widgetItem);
    QLayoutItem *unplug(QWidget *widget);
    void revert(QLayoutItem *widgetItem);
    void updateGapIndicator();
    void paintDropIndicator(QPainter *p, QWidget *widget, const QRegion &clip);
    void applyState(QMainWindowLayoutState &newState, bool animate = true);
    void restore(bool keepSavedState = false);
    void updateHIToolBarStatus();

private slots:
    void animationFinished(QWidget *widget);
    void allAnimationsFinished();
    void doSeparatorMove();
#ifndef QT_NO_TABBAR
    void tabChanged();
#ifdef Q_WS_MAC
    struct ToolBarSaveState {
        ToolBarSaveState() : movable(false) { }
        ToolBarSaveState(bool newMovable, const QSize &newMax)
            : movable(newMovable), maximumSize(newMax) { }
        bool movable;
        QSize maximumSize;
    static OSStatus qtmacToolbarDelegate(EventHandlerCallRef, EventRef , void *);
    static OSStatus qtoolbarInHIToolbarHandler(EventHandlerCallRef inCallRef, EventRef event,
                                               void *data);
    static void qtMacHIToolbarRegisterQToolBarInHIToolborItemClass();
    static HIToolbarItemRef CreateToolbarItemForIdentifier(CFStringRef identifier, CFTypeRef data);
    static HIToolbarItemRef createQToolBarInHIToolbarItem(QToolBar *toolbar,
                                                          QMainWindowLayout *layout);
    QList<QToolBar *> qtoolbarsInHIToolbarList;
    QList<HIToolbarItemRef> toolbarItemsCopy;
    QHash<HIToolbarItemRef, QToolBar *> hitoolbarHash;
    QHash<QToolBar *, ToolBarSaveState> toolbarSaveState;
    void insertIntoMacHIToolbar(QToolBar *before, QToolBar *after);
    bool useHIToolBar;


static inline int pick(Qt::Orientation o, const QPoint &pos)
{ return o == Qt::Horizontal ? pos.x() : pos.y(); }

static inline int pick(Qt::Orientation o, const QSize &size)
{ return o == Qt::Horizontal ? size.width() : size.height(); }

static inline int &rpick(Qt::Orientation o, QPoint &pos)
{ return o == Qt::Horizontal ? pos.rx() : pos.ry(); }

static inline int &rpick(Qt::Orientation o, QSize &size)
{ return o == Qt::Horizontal ? size.rwidth() : size.rheight(); }

static inline QSizePolicy::Policy pick(Qt::Orientation o, const QSizePolicy &policy)
{ return o == Qt::Horizontal ? policy.horizontalPolicy() : policy.verticalPolicy(); }

static inline int perp(Qt::Orientation o, const QPoint &pos)
{ return o == Qt::Vertical ? pos.x() : pos.y(); }

static inline int perp(Qt::Orientation o, const QSize &size)
{ return o == Qt::Vertical ? size.width() : size.height(); }

static inline int &rperp(Qt::Orientation o, QPoint &pos)
{ return o == Qt::Vertical ? pos.rx() : pos.ry(); }

static inline int &rperp(Qt::Orientation o, QSize &size)
{ return o == Qt::Vertical ? size.rwidth() : size.rheight(); }


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