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** Copyright (C) 1992-2008 Trolltech ASA. All rights reserved.
** This file is part of the QtGui module of the Qt Toolkit.
** This file may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public
** License versions 2.0 or 3.0 as published by the Free Software
** Foundation and appearing in the files LICENSE.GPL2 and LICENSE.GPL3
** included in the packaging of this file.  Alternatively you may (at
** your option) use any later version of the GNU General Public
** License if such license has been publicly approved by Trolltech ASA
** (or its successors, if any) and the KDE Free Qt Foundation. In
** addition, as a special exception, Trolltech gives you certain
** additional rights. These rights are described in the Trolltech GPL
** Exception version 1.1, which can be found at
** http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/gplexception/ and in the file
** GPL_EXCEPTION.txt in this package.
** Please review the following information to ensure GNU General
** Public Licensing requirements will be met:
** http://trolltech.com/products/qt/licenses/licensing/opensource/. If
** you are unsure which license is appropriate for your use, please
** review the following information:
** http://trolltech.com/products/qt/licenses/licensing/licensingoverview
** or contact the sales department at sales@trolltech.com.
** In addition, as a special exception, Trolltech, as the sole
** copyright holder for Qt Designer, grants users of the Qt/Eclipse
** Integration plug-in the right for the Qt/Eclipse Integration to
** link to functionality provided by Qt Designer and its related
** libraries.
** This file is provided "AS IS" with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND,
** A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Trolltech reserves all rights not expressly
** granted herein.
** This file is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE


#include <QtCore/qcoreapplication.h>
#include <QtGui/qwindowdefs.h>
#include <QtCore/qpoint.h>
#include <QtCore/qsize.h>
#include <QtGui/qcursor.h>
# include <QtGui/qdesktopwidget.h>
#ifdef QT3_SUPPORT
# include <QtGui/qwidget.h>
# include <QtGui/qpalette.h>
#ifdef Q_WS_QWS
# include <QtGui/qrgb.h>
# include <QtGui/qtransportauth_qws.h>



class QSessionManager;
class QDesktopWidget;
class QStyle;
class QEventLoop;
class QIcon;
class QInputContext;
template <typename T> class QList;
class QLocale;
#if defined(Q_WS_QWS)
class QDecoration;

class QApplication;
class QApplicationPrivate;
#define qApp (static_cast<QApplication *>(QCoreApplication::instance()))

00084 class Q_GUI_EXPORT QApplication : public QCoreApplication
00087     Q_PROPERTY(Qt::LayoutDirection layoutDirection READ layoutDirection WRITE setLayoutDirection)
00088     Q_PROPERTY(QIcon windowIcon READ windowIcon WRITE setWindowIcon)
00089     Q_PROPERTY(int cursorFlashTime READ cursorFlashTime WRITE setCursorFlashTime)
00090     Q_PROPERTY(int doubleClickInterval  READ doubleClickInterval WRITE setDoubleClickInterval)
00091     Q_PROPERTY(int keyboardInputInterval READ keyboardInputInterval WRITE setKeyboardInputInterval)
00093     Q_PROPERTY(int wheelScrollLines  READ wheelScrollLines WRITE setWheelScrollLines)
00095     Q_PROPERTY(QSize globalStrut READ globalStrut WRITE setGlobalStrut)
00096     Q_PROPERTY(int startDragTime  READ startDragTime WRITE setStartDragTime)
00097     Q_PROPERTY(int startDragDistance  READ startDragDistance WRITE setStartDragDistance)
00098     Q_PROPERTY(bool quitOnLastWindowClosed  READ quitOnLastWindowClosed WRITE setQuitOnLastWindowClosed)
00100     Q_PROPERTY(QString styleSheet READ styleSheet WRITE setStyleSheet)

00104     enum Type { Tty, GuiClient, GuiServer };
#ifndef qdoc
    QApplication(int &argc, char **argv, int = QT_VERSION);
    QApplication(int &argc, char **argv, bool GUIenabled, int = QT_VERSION);
    QApplication(int &argc, char **argv, Type, int = QT_VERSION);
#if defined(Q_WS_X11)
    QApplication(Display* dpy, Qt::HANDLE visual = 0, Qt::HANDLE cmap = 0, int = QT_VERSION);
    QApplication(Display *dpy, int &argc, char **argv, Qt::HANDLE visual = 0, Qt::HANDLE cmap= 0, int = QT_VERSION);
    virtual ~QApplication();

    static Type type();

    static QStyle *style();
    static void setStyle(QStyle*);
    static QStyle *setStyle(const QString&);
00121     enum ColorSpec { NormalColor=0, CustomColor=1, ManyColor=2 };
    static int colorSpec();
    static void setColorSpec(int);

#ifndef QT_NO_CURSOR
    static QCursor *overrideCursor();
    static void setOverrideCursor(const QCursor &);
    static void changeOverrideCursor(const QCursor &);
    static void restoreOverrideCursor();
    static QPalette palette();
    static QPalette palette(const QWidget *);
    static QPalette palette(const char *className);
    static void setPalette(const QPalette &, const char* className = 0);
    static QFont font();
    static QFont font(const QWidget*);
    static QFont font(const char *className);
    static void setFont(const QFont &, const char* className = 0);
    static QFontMetrics fontMetrics();

    static void setWindowIcon(const QIcon &icon);
    static QIcon windowIcon();

#ifdef QT3_SUPPORT
    static QT3_SUPPORT QWidget *mainWidget();
    static QT3_SUPPORT void setMainWidget(QWidget *);

    static QWidgetList allWidgets();
    static QWidgetList topLevelWidgets();

    static QDesktopWidget *desktop();

    static QWidget *activePopupWidget();
    static QWidget *activeModalWidget();
    static QClipboard *clipboard();
    static QWidget *focusWidget();

    static QWidget *activeWindow();
    static void setActiveWindow(QWidget* act);

    static QWidget *widgetAt(const QPoint &p);
00166     static inline QWidget *widgetAt(int x, int y) { return widgetAt(QPoint(x, y)); }
    static QWidget *topLevelAt(const QPoint &p);
00168     static inline QWidget *topLevelAt(int x, int y)  { return topLevelAt(QPoint(x, y)); }

    static void syncX();
    static void beep();
    static void alert(QWidget *widget, int duration = 0);

    static Qt::KeyboardModifiers keyboardModifiers();
    static Qt::MouseButtons mouseButtons();

    static void setDesktopSettingsAware(bool);
    static bool desktopSettingsAware();

    static void setCursorFlashTime(int);
    static int cursorFlashTime();

    static void setDoubleClickInterval(int);
    static int doubleClickInterval();

    static void setKeyboardInputInterval(int);
    static int keyboardInputInterval();

    static void setWheelScrollLines(int);
    static int wheelScrollLines();
    static void setGlobalStrut(const QSize &);
    static QSize globalStrut();

    static void setStartDragTime(int ms);
    static int startDragTime();
    static void setStartDragDistance(int l);
    static int startDragDistance();

    static void setLayoutDirection(Qt::LayoutDirection direction);
    static Qt::LayoutDirection layoutDirection();

00204     static inline bool isRightToLeft() { return layoutDirection() == Qt::RightToLeft; }
00205     static inline bool isLeftToRight() { return layoutDirection() == Qt::LeftToRight; }

    static bool isEffectEnabled(Qt::UIEffect);
    static void setEffectEnabled(Qt::UIEffect, bool enable = true);

#if defined(Q_WS_MAC)
    virtual bool macEventFilter(EventHandlerCallRef, EventRef);
#if defined(Q_WS_X11)
    virtual bool x11EventFilter(XEvent *);
    virtual int x11ClientMessage(QWidget*, XEvent*, bool passive_only);
    int x11ProcessEvent(XEvent*);
#if defined(Q_WS_QWS)
    virtual bool qwsEventFilter(QWSEvent *);
    int qwsProcessEvent(QWSEvent*);
    void qwsSetCustomColors(QRgb *colortable, int start, int numColors);
    static QDecoration &qwsDecoration();
    static void qwsSetDecoration(QDecoration *);
    static QDecoration *qwsSetDecoration(const QString &decoration);

#if defined(Q_WS_WIN)
    void winFocus(QWidget *, bool);
    static void winMouseButtonUp();

    // session management
    bool isSessionRestored() const;
    QString sessionId() const;
    QString sessionKey() const;
    virtual void commitData(QSessionManager& sm);
    virtual void saveState(QSessionManager& sm);
    void setInputContext(QInputContext *);
    QInputContext *inputContext() const;

    static QLocale keyboardInputLocale();
    static Qt::LayoutDirection keyboardInputDirection();

    static int exec();
    bool notify(QObject *, QEvent *);

    static void setQuitOnLastWindowClosed(bool quit);
    static bool quitOnLastWindowClosed();

    static void setKeypadNavigationEnabled(bool);
    static bool keypadNavigationEnabled();

    void lastWindowClosed();
    void focusChanged(QWidget *old, QWidget *now);
    void commitDataRequest(QSessionManager &sessionManager);
    void saveStateRequest(QSessionManager &sessionManager);

    QString styleSheet() const;
public Q_SLOTS:
    void setStyleSheet(const QString& sheet);
    static void closeAllWindows();
    static void aboutQt();

#if defined(Q_WS_QWS)
    void setArgs(int, char **);
    bool event(QEvent *);
    bool compressEvent(QEvent *, QObject *receiver, QPostEventList *);

#ifdef QT3_SUPPORT
    static inline QT3_SUPPORT void setReverseLayout(bool b) { setLayoutDirection(b?Qt::RightToLeft:Qt::LeftToRight); }
    static inline bool QT3_SUPPORT reverseLayout() { return layoutDirection() == Qt::RightToLeft; }
    static QT3_SUPPORT Qt::Alignment horizontalAlignment(Qt::Alignment align);
    typedef int ColorMode;
    enum { NormalColors = NormalColor, CustomColors = CustomColor };
    static inline QT3_SUPPORT ColorMode colorMode() { return static_cast<ColorMode>(colorSpec()); }
    static inline QT3_SUPPORT void setColorMode(ColorMode mode) { setColorSpec(int(mode)); }
#if defined(Q_OS_WIN32) || defined(Q_OS_CYGWIN)
    static QT3_SUPPORT Qt::WindowsVersion winVersion() { return (Qt::WindowsVersion)QSysInfo::WindowsVersion; }
#if defined(Q_OS_MAC)
    static QT3_SUPPORT Qt::MacintoshVersion macVersion() { return (Qt::MacintoshVersion)QSysInfo::MacintoshVersion; }
#  ifndef QT_NO_CURSOR
    inline static  QT3_SUPPORT void setOverrideCursor(const QCursor &cursor, bool replace)
    { if (replace) changeOverrideCursor(cursor); else setOverrideCursor(cursor); }
#  endif
    inline static QT3_SUPPORT bool hasGlobalMouseTracking() {return true;}
    inline static QT3_SUPPORT void setGlobalMouseTracking(bool) {};
    inline static QT3_SUPPORT void flushX() { flush(); }
    static inline QT3_SUPPORT void setWinStyleHighlightColor(const QColor &c) {
        QPalette p(palette());
        p.setColor(QPalette::Highlight, c);
    static inline QT3_SUPPORT const QColor &winStyleHighlightColor()
        { return palette().color(QPalette::Active, QPalette::Highlight); }
    static inline QT3_SUPPORT void setPalette(const QPalette &pal, bool, const char* className = 0)
        { setPalette(pal, className); };
    static inline QT3_SUPPORT void setFont(const QFont &font, bool, const char* className = 0)
        { setFont(font, className); }

    static inline QT3_SUPPORT QWidget *widgetAt(int x, int y, bool child)
        { QWidget *w = widgetAt(x, y); return child ? w : (w ? w->window() : 0); }
    static inline QT3_SUPPORT QWidget *widgetAt(const QPoint &p, bool child)
        { QWidget *w = widgetAt(p); return child ? w : (w ? w->window() : 0); }
#endif // QT3_SUPPORT

#if defined(Q_INTERNAL_QAPP_SRC) || defined(qdoc)
    QApplication(int &argc, char **argv);
    QApplication(int &argc, char **argv, bool GUIenabled);
    QApplication(int &argc, char **argv, Type);
#if defined(Q_WS_X11)
    QApplication(Display* dpy, Qt::HANDLE visual = 0, Qt::HANDLE cmap = 0);
    QApplication(Display *dpy, int &argc, char **argv, Qt::HANDLE visual = 0, Qt::HANDLE cmap= 0);


    friend class QWidget;
    friend class QWidgetPrivate;
    friend class QETWidget;
    friend class Q3AccelManager;
    friend class QTranslator;
    friend class QWidgetAnimator;
    friend class QShortcut;
    friend class QAction;

#if defined(Q_WS_QWS)
    friend class QInputContext;
    friend class QWSDirectPainterSurface;
    friend class QDirectPainter;
    friend class QDirectPainterPrivate;

    Q_PRIVATE_SLOT(d_func(), void _q_tryEmitLastWindowClosed())
#if defined(Q_WS_MAC) || defined(Q_WS_X11)
    Q_PRIVATE_SLOT(d_func(), void _q_alertTimeOut())



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