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#include <windows.h>
//   Important note about DLL memory management when your DLL uses the
//   static version of the RunTime Library:
//   If your DLL exports any functions that pass String objects (or structs/
//   classes containing nested Strings) as parameter or function results,
//   you will need to add the library MEMMGR.LIB to both the DLL project and
//   any other projects that use the DLL.  You will also need to use MEMMGR.LIB
//   if any other projects which use the DLL will be performing new or delete
//   operations on any non-TObject-derived classes which are exported from the
//   DLL. Adding MEMMGR.LIB to your project will change the DLL and its calling
//   EXE's to use the BORLNDMM.DLL as their memory manager.  In these cases,
//   the file BORLNDMM.DLL should be deployed along with your DLL.
//   To avoid using BORLNDMM.DLL, pass string information using "char *" or
//   ShortString parameters.
//   If your DLL uses the dynamic version of the RTL, you do not need to
//   explicitly add MEMMGR.LIB as this will be done implicitly for you

int WINAPI DllEntryPoint(HINSTANCE, unsigned long, void*)
    return 1;

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